Biographical Note

In Vivo
Photo Collage. 1998.
My Sister in Asia
Photograph. 1999.

In Vitro
Photo Collage. 1998.
Digital Composition. 1999.

Painting Time
Digital Composition. 1999

Biographical Note

Jessie Numata was born in Japan in 1972. She moved to the United States when she was three. She started taking photographs with an "inherited" 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) Pentax camera when she was 14. After graduating high school she attended Johns Hopkins University in Maryland as a pre-med student. However, after her first semester she transferred to the fine arts division and began her formal study of photography. Her senior project (thesis), presented in 1991 was a series of black and white self-portrait photographs. Her college work was influenced by, among others, Robert Mapplethorpe and Diane Arbus. After college and a brief stint as a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology she moved back to Maryland. She is currently working as a freelance photographer. Her recent work has been in the area of photographic collage. Ms. Numata can be contacted via email at

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Jessie Numata- Self-Portraits
Published: May 1, 1998
Updated: September 29, 1999
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