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The Cosmic Baseball Association has always welcomed non-humanoid baseball teams. However, while the CBA openly embraces non-humanoid teams, it has not allowed a non-humanoid team to compete in its highest echelon, namely the Cosmic Overleague.

Since 1981 there have been 56 cosmic baseball teams. Of these, 15 or 27% were non-humanoid. (NOTE: Except for management positions, there has never been an integrated humanoid/non-humanoid cosmic baseball team.) At the moment, there are no non-humanoid teams in either the Middleleague or the Overleague; two non-humanoid teams, the Speed City Velocitors and the Chopintown Preluders, compete in the Underleague.

The idea of non-humanoid participation in cosmic baseball goes back to 1990 when the Tropicland Hurricanes joined the CBA. The Hurricanes are the only non-humanoid team to compete in the Cosmic Universal Series. They got to the series twice, once in 1990 and then again in 1993. Both times the Hurricanes competed against the Alphatown Ionians and both times the Hurricanes lost the series.

There has been little incidence of non-humanoid and humanoid disruption. The few examples of overt angry behavior have mostly come from the fans in the seats. One notable and rather public disruption occurred in the 2001 season when humanoid players tried refusing to play the Imperial City Insects. The humanoid players' attempts failed when the Commissioner of the Cosmic Baseball Association struck a deal whereby the Insects would not play after the 2001 season. Despite the controversy, the Insects had a winning season (86-76).

The Bolex Poetics began as a non-humanoid team of interesting avant-garde and experimental films. However after one season the Poetics became humanoid when their makers replaced the films. Since 1997, the Poetics have been a humanoid team competing in the Middleleague.

Non-humanoid cosmic baseball team survival rates are not particularly good. Over 50% of non-humanoid teams are deactivated after only one season. Only 13% of the non-humanoid teams stay in the league for more than two seasons. The Tropicland Hurricanes lasted the longest, five seasons. But even that record is irregular. The Hurricanes played four seasons (1990-1993) and were then deactivated. Three seasons later the Hurricanes were re-activated and then deactivated again after the 1997 season.

Although there are currently only two active non-humanoid teams playing in the Cosmic Baseball Association, there are a number of non-humanoid cosmic baseball teams just waiting for a chance to play in the CBA. At the moment (January, 2003) there are openings for two new teams in the Underleague. Fans of non-humanoid teams are hopeful that one or possibly both new teams will be filled by non-humanoids.

Table: Records of Non-Humanoid Cosmic Baseball Teams

Source: Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA)

Non-Humanoid Cosmic Baseball Teams
Bookhouse Classifications
A team based on the Dewey Decimal library classification system.
Season(s): 1998

Barsoomtown Explorers
A team of unmanned Martian exploration spacecraft.
Season(s): 1992-1993
Chopintown Preluders
A team composed of Chopin's Preludes.
Season(s): 2002-active
Franklinton Zappas
A team of record albums by Frank Zappa.
Season(s): 1997
Imperial City Insects
A team of creatures from the world of insects.
Season(s): 2001
Littleton Magazines
A team of small, mostly literary, magazines.
Season(s): 1999
Martian Kinotypes
A team of films about the planet Mars.
Season(s): 1997
Numeral City Numbers
A team of numbers.
Season(s): 2000, 2001
Phaetown Cars
A team of automobiles.
Season(s): 2001, 2002
Paintland Vermeers
A team of paintings by the Delft painter Johannes Vermeer.
Season(s): 1996
Riderland Tarotians
A team made up of selected Tarot cards.
Season(s): 1997, 1998
Sweepland Curves
A team of mathematical curves.
Season(s): 1999-2000
Speed City Velocitors
A team of transportation.
Season(s): 2000-active
Tropicland Hurricanes
A team of Atlantic tropical cyclones.
Season(s): 1990, 1991, 1992,1993, 1997

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