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This issue has something for everyone, cosmic baseball fans, reality baseball fans, kids and grown-ups alike...

Jack Kerouac fans will appreciate the listing of the contents of the controversial Memory Babe Archive. Currently located in Lowell, Massachusetts the archive was created by Kerouac biographer Gerald Nicosia...Fans of excellent baseball writing will appreciate the wit and depth of Tony Trigilio's essay which enumerates some of the metaphysicality of being a Boston Red Sox fan...Baseball is a sport of youth. Aidan Ward, a young California boy carries that tradition forward with his remembrance of a baseball game and friendship...Freelance journalist Angela Gunn interviews Dan Okrent, founder/creator of Rotisserie League Baseball...COBRA Scholar Jennifer Baldwin has put together an interesting chronology of rule changes in professional reality baseball...Freelance writer Helen Cowan tells the story of the emergence of the Cosmic Baseball Association's electronic store, Cosmic Baseball Collectibles, LLC ...COBRA Scholar Meilin Tsai contributes a thought-provoking essay on the responsibilities of cosmic baseball researchers.

It has been a pleasure editing this volume of the Journal. I owe a great debt to the Journal's wonderful staff and to its contributors. You made my work a pleasure.   --Annie N.



    Changing the Rules

  • Jennifer Baldwin (Changing The Rules)
    Jennifer Baldwin is a mathematician and director of the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance's (COBRA) Reality Baseball Study Group. She was born in Talledega, Alabama and holds a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Vermont.

    For Sale

  • Helen Cowan (For Sale)
    Helen Cowan is a freelance writer and novelist who grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Her most recent novel, Screwing Loose was a Post-Modern Review of the Arts "Editor's Choice" selection in October, 2001. She currently teaches literature at St. Mary's School for Women in Staunton, Virginia.

    The Memory Babe Archive

  • COBRA (The Memory Babe Archive)
    A Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) Catalog of the contents of the Memory Babe Archive.

    Gunn/Okrent Interview

  • Gunn/Okrent Interview
    Angela Gunn, freelance writer and owner of the Speed City Velocitors interviews the owner of the Valhalla Minstrels, Daniel Okrent, creator/founder of Rotisserie League Baseball.

  • Tony Trigilio (It Feels Better to Have No Itch at All)
    Tony Trigilio has followed the sport of baseball with full confidence that baseball launches us into revelation, and our revelations just as often lead us back to baseball. He is a member of the English faculty at Columbia College Chicago, where he teaches courses in writing, literature, and poetry.

    The Ethics of Cosmic Baseball Research

  • Meilin Tsai (The Ethics of Cosmic Baseball Research)
    Meilin Tsai is a senior research scholar at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance in Washington, D.C. She has published a variety of monographs and essays on cosmic baseball players and cosmic baseball teams.

    What Are Friends For?

  • Aidan Ward (What Are Friends For?)
    Aidan Ward is a 12 year old junior high school student in Northern California.
    He enjoys playing and watching baseball, and telling this tale of two treasures.



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