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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table 7: Changes to Rule 7

Table 7. Changes to Rule 7 (The Runner)
1848 A rule is introduced requiring that a baseman must hold the ball in order to put out a runner. (Before this the base runner was out if the ball hit him.) 7.08
1848 Only the batter-runner making for first may be retired on a force. (Before this any runner could be retired on a force.) 7.08
1864 When a runner circles the bases, he must touch each one. 7.02
1870 A runner is allowed to overrun first base. 7.08
1880 The runner hit by a batted ball is out. 7.08
1920 A runner may not run the bases in reverse order "for the purpose of confusing the fielders or making a travesty of the game." 7.08
1956 A base runner who interferes with a batted ball in order to break up a double play is to be declared out, as is the batter. 7.08H

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JCBA Vol. 20. Rule 7 Changes
Published: December 15, 2001
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