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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table 4: Changes to Rule 4

Table 4. Changes to Rule 4 (Starting & Ending Games)
1857 The nine-inning game is introduced. 4.1
1876 The umpire says, "Play" for the first time. 4.15A
1879 An umpire may terminate a game after a rain delay of thirty minutes. 4.12
1882 If an umpire imposes a fine or declares a forfeit, he must report it to the league secretary within twenty-four hours. 4.18
1895 The limits on fines change again-to not less than $25 and not more than $100. If the crowd becomes so unruly that the game is sped for more than fifteen minutes, the umpire may declare a forfeit. (If that happens, the visitors win, 9-0.) 4.17
1901 The catcher is no longer allowed to catch two strikes on a bounce. 4.03
1920 The umpire may suspend play at any time for an accident to a player or an umpire. 4.12
1920 After a thirty-minute rain delay an umpire may terminate a game. 4.12

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Published: December 15, 2001
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