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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table 3: Changes to Rule 3

Table 3. Changes to Rule 3 (Game Preliminaries)
1872 An "injured" ball is to be changed only in even innings upon request of the captain of either team. 3.01
1886 An umpire may introduce a new ball at any time. Before this year, when a ball was lost, the umpire gave the team five minutes to find it before he threw in a new one. An umpire must have two baseballs at his disposal at all times. 3.01
1891 Substitutions are allowed at any time during a game, but once he has been substituted for, a player may not return. 3.03
1897 Intentionally discoloring or injuring the ball is punishable by a $5 fine. The ball is replaced. 3.02
1910 The captain of a team must notify the umpire-in-chief of any substitution. 3.03
1920 The ball has its gloss removed before a game by the umpire 3.01
1954 Offensive players are required to "carry all gloves and other equipment off the field . . . while their team is at bat." 3.14

Table of Tables

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Published: December 15, 2001
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