The Memory Babe Archive
 Table List of Miscellaneous Items

  1. Playboy magazine, April 1969. Contains interview with Allen Ginsberg.
  2. New York Times Magazine, Dec. 30, 1979. Contains William Plummer's article, "Jack Kerouac: The Beat Goes On."
  3. [MISSING] Complete photocopies of Jack Kerouac's interview with the Northport Public Library, 1964, published in Athanor, issues of Winter/Spring 1971, Fall/Winter 1971, and Summer/Fall 1972.
  4. Photocopy of Val Duncan's interview with Jack Kerouac, "Kerouac Revisted" published July 18, 1964 in Newsday.
  5. Photocopy of Alfred Aronowitz's interview with Jack Kerouac, "The Beat Generation" published March 30, 1959 in the New York Post.
  6. Photocopy of Richard Hill's memoir of Jack Kerouac in Florida, "Jack Kerouac: Sad in the Sixties" published in Knight magazine, September 1970.
  7. Photocopy of Jack McClintock's memoir, "Jack Kerouac Is Alive and Not-so-well in St. Petersburg" published October 12, 1969 in Miami Tropic.
  8. Photocopy of Gregory McDonald's interview with Jack Kerouac, "Off the Road: The Celtic Twilight of Jack Kerouac" published August 11, 1969 in the Boston Sunday Globe.
  9. Photocopy of Mike McGrady's memoir, "Kerouac: The Northport Years" published October 25, 1969 in Newsday.
  10. Photocopy of Joan Haverty Kerouac Stewart's memoir, "My Ex-Husband, Jack Kerouac, Is an Ingrate" published in Confidential magazine, August 1961.
  11. John Clellon Holmes' memoir, "Gone in October," original pages clipped from Playboy magazine, February 1973.
  12. Photocopy of Phil Singer's transcription of Jack Kerouac's conversation with several psychiatrists, friends of Tony Sampas. Fall 1965 (13 pages typed and handwritten.)
  13. Paul Carroll's memoir of Kerouac's role in shaping the magazine Big Table, "Call it Big Table" published in Chicago magazine, March 1979. (Original pages clipped from magazine.)
  14. Original copy of Detroit magazine, (Detroit Free Press, December 29, 1974) containing an interview with Jack Kerouac's first wife, Frankie Edith Parker Kerouac, "The Brief Detroit Sojourn of John Louis Kerouac" by Henry A. Kingswell and Thomas Martin.
  15. Photocopy of 75 pages from Joan Haverty Kerouac's memoir of her married life with Jack Kerouac, unpublised, tentatively titled Nobody's Wife (also contains some background information on her own life.)
  16. Original book of poems, Airing My Paunch: A Personal Rhetoric by Gerard Wagner, a friend of Jack Kerouac; book is signed by Wagner, and contains his memorial poem to Kerouac, "Requiem for Jack Kerouac."
  17. Photocopy of Larry Vickers' memoir, "Jack Kerouac: End of the Road" published in Father Joe's Handy Homilies, June 1970.
  18. Photocopy of Carl Adkins' memoir, "Jack Kerouac: Off the Road for Good" unpublished (from John Montgomery's unpublished compilation, "The Kerouac Companion.")
  19. Photocopy of John Montgomery's first out-of-print memoir of Jack Kerouac, "A Memoir of Jack Kerouac" self-published in 1970.
  20. [MISSING] Photocopy of 111 pages of John Clellon Holmes' contribution to the Columbia Oral History Project, an interview by William Gargan, much of which is concerned with Holmes' relation to Jack Kerouac.
  21. Original certificate from the United States of America Railroad Retirement Board stating Jack Kerouac's work record on the railroad (Southern Pacific), dated 1953.
  22. [MISSING] Photocopy of 149 page doublespaced manuscript of unpublished book by George Dardess entitled Friends, about Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and William Burroughs.
  23. Photocopy of 838 page manuscript (with some omissions) of Carolyn Cassady's unpublished book about her husband Neal Cassady entitled The Third Word.
  24. Jack Kerouac's On The Road notebook, 1948-1949, about 40,000 words, copied in its entirety in hand by Gerald Nicosia from the original in the Humanities Research Center of the University of Texas, Austin.
  25. Photocopies of about 40 pages from Bernice Lemire's doctoral thesis (Boston University), 1961, Jack Kerouac: Early Influences-- the first attempt at a biography of Kerouac, done with his cooperation.
  26. Photocopies of Charles Jarvis' unpublished essay "Jack Kerouac-- Angel Goof" which was later turned into the book Visions of Kerouac (courtesy of the Lowell Public Library.)


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