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 Table List of Jack Kerouac's Letters


[1]. One original post card from JK to John Montgomery, from early 1962. Hand-printed and signed.


[2]. Five letters to Paul Blake, Jr. and Caroline Kerouac Blake. On the backs of these letters are four letters from Gabrielle Kerouac to Caroline and Paul, Jr.

[3]. 49 items from Grove Press' Kerouac file. Mostly letters. Also includes Gregory Corso's blurb for Doctor Sax; Allen Ginsberg's notes on the characters in Pull My Daisy; correspondence relating to the Italian obscenity trial of The Subterraneans; Alene Lee's permission for JK to use her as a character in The Subterraneans; letter to JK from Nanda Pivano.

[4]. Four letters to Bernice Lemire. Letters contain the answers to questions about JK's childhood asked by Ms. Lemire.

[5]. 111 pages of letters to Ed White; one letter from Allen Ginsberg to Ed White concerning JK's funeral.

[6]. 36 pages of letters to Lois Sorrells.

[7]. Three page letter to Neal Cassady, his full response to Cassady's "Joan Anderson" letter, printed in Notes from Underground c. December 30, 1950.

[8]. Three pages of letters from JK to Granville H. Jones.

[9]. 92 pages of letters to Philip Whalen.

[10]. Four pages of letters to Seymour Krim.

[11]. 24 pages of letters to Stanley Stanley Twardowicz (contains a few letters from Gabrielle Kerouac.)

[12]*. [MISSING] 66 pages of letters from Edie Parker's archives, containing letters from Gabrielle Kerouac to JK and Edie; letters from Caroline Kerouac Blake to JK; letters to JK and Edie from friends from the mid-1940s, during the time of their marriage.

[13]*. [MISSING] 22 pages of letters and documents from Edie Parker's archives, containing nine pages of letters from JK to Edie Parker; a book report by JK on James Farrell's My Days of Anger for Edie's sister Charlotte; Edie's marriage license to JK; Edie's annullment papers (from Catholic Church) of marriage to JK; several pages of poetry in JK's hand-printing from his private notebooks.

[14]. Five pages of letters from Stella Sampas Kerouac to Dan and Gloria DeSole.

[15]. 14 pages of letters and drawings by JK to Dan DeSole.

[16]. 3 pages of JK's letter to The Albany Mirror (first draft and final printed version.)

[17]. Seven pages of letters to John Montgomery.

[18]. 29 pages of letters to Malcolm Cowley.

[19]. 15 pages of letters to Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

[20]. Eight pages of letters to Joe Chaput.

[21]. Two pages of letters to Charles Jarvis.

[22]. Three pages of letters to David Amram.

[23]. Two pages of letters and drawings to Gerard Wagner.

[24]. 62 pages, mostly letters to Gary Snyder; one letter to Thea Snyder; one letter from Gabrielle Kerouac to Gary Snyder.

[25]. 123 pages of letters to John Clellon Holmes.

[26]. Two pages of letters to Brom Weber.

[27]. 14 pages of letters to Al Gelpi.

[28]. Transcript of a letter to Monte Jones.

[29]. 17 pages of letters and drawings to Lucien Carr.

[30]. 266 pagess of letters and drawings to Allen Ginsberg.

[31]. 319 pages of letters to Neal and Carolyn Cassady including letters of Neal Cassady to JK.


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