The Memory Babe Archive
 Table List of People on Tape

This table shows the individuals on the tapes in the "Memory Babe" archive. A brief, and in some cases incomplete description of the individual's relationship to Jack Kerouac (JK) is included here as are the Tape IDs.

Alberts Victor JK childhood friend V,W,
Amram David Musician and friend of JK 6
Anton Harold Artist 50
Apostolos G.J. Friend of Kerouac family AA,48,Y,64,
Baraka Amiri Poet LL
Barnetz Dick JK's friend from Northport, LI HH, II
*Bartender Hugh Bartender at Nicky's in Lowell 40
Beauchamp Robert painter and friend of JK II, JJ
Beaulieu Julian JK childhood friend and teammate Z
Beckwith Jacques painter and friend of JK; with Sorrells OO, PP
Bellow Manny from Lowell I, H
Blake Paul, Jr. JK's nephew KKK, MMM,LLL
Blake Tammy Wife of JK's nephew w/Paul Blake JK nephew LLL
Blazon Al JK childhood friend W
Bocko Stan Bought Leo Kerouac's print shop CC
Bremser Ray Poet 59, 75
Brierly Justin JK friend from Denver 18, 22
Burroughs William Writer 11, 12
Cassady Carolyn Friend of JK and wife of Neal Cassady 25, 34, 35, 38, BBB
Cassady Neal JK friend DDDD
Chaput Joe Good friend of JK O, P,CC,R,S,T,U,64,71
Chaput Tony Joe Chaput's son M, N
Charbonneau Armand Friend of Kerouac family BB
Christianson Bob with John Clellon & Shirley Holmes F
Clements Marshall Kerouac collector and scholar 7, 8
Constantinides George JK childhood friend RR, SS
Corso Gregory Poet 13, 20, 32
Cowley Malcolm JK editor and literary critic 76, 88
Creeley Robert Poet 103, 105
Cudworth James JK high school friend BB
Curtis James JK attorney BB, 9
Dabillis Billy JK childhood friend AA
Davila George JK friend from Columbia U. GG
Davis Steven Rooling Stone reporter BBB
Descheneaux Emil JK childhood friend T
DeSole Dan JK psychiatrist 66, 76
Dizolgio Peter Bartender at Nicky's in Lowell 60, 71
Drescher Fred JK's high school coach T, U
Droney James from Lowell I, K
Dulames John Stella Sampas Kerouac's cousin 49
Duncan Robert Poet 107
Dunegin Paul from Lowell J, L
Eastham Steve JK high school teammate AA
Elliot Jack Musician 28
Eno Arthur Louis JK childhood friend Q
Feminella Frank Friend of JK from Northport LI CC, DD
Ferlinghetti Lawrence Poet 32, 90, AAAA, TTT-1
Finneral Huck from Lowell M
Forst Barbara wife of painter Miles Forst GG, HH
Forst Miles painter III, JJJ, KKK
Frank Robert Photographer 44, 74
Frankel Bill JK's friend from the late 1940s RR
Gauthier Armand Leo Kerouac print shop employee U, V
Gill Tom from Lowell CC
Ginsberg Allen Poet 12, 13, 58, 89
Gioscia Victor JK Northport LI friend CCC-2, DDD, EEE
Gonzales Pancho from Lowell M
Gutman Walter Financed PULL MY DAISY 70
Haverty Joan JK 2nd wife 104, 106, 102
Henderson LuAnne Neal Cassady's 2nd wife? PPP, QQQ, RRR, SSS
Hinkle Al JK friend from Columbia and Denver 23, 16, 17, 18
Hinkle Al & Helen JK friends 1940s 93, 106
Hinkle Helen wife of Al Hinkle 91
Holmes John Clellon JK friend and writer of GO B, C, D, E,
Houde Armand JK childhood friend Z, Y
Houde Pete JK childhood friend AA, 54
Huncke Herbert Beat writer, muse KK, LL
Joans Ted poet XXX-1
Johnson Joyce Writer and girlfriend of Kerouac c. 1957 42
Kanemitsu Matsumi JK friend and painter GGG, HHH, III
Kaufman Bob Poet 16
Kerouac Doris wife of JK's cousin 85
Kerouac Jack JK on Steve Allen show DDDD
Kerouac Jack JK on tape re: Edgar Cayce... 55
Kerouac Jack JK playing harmonica, singing 59
Kerouac Jack On tape made by Tony Sampas played by Nobriga 69
Kerouac Jan JK daughter 90, TTT-1, TTT-2, UUU, YYY-2
Kerouac Jan w/ Victor Wong interviewed by David Whittaker XXX-2, YYY-2
Kerouac Stella Sampas JK 3rd wife 75
Kingsland John JK friend from Columbia U. LL, MM
Koumantzelis Billly from Lowell M, R, 10, 9
Kyger Joanne Ray Bremser's wife 36, 37
Lamantia Philip poet, painter 33
Lenoir Henri founder of Vesuvios FFF
Lerner Chris Friend of Bill Cannastra 29
Lerner Nathan Friend of Bill Cannastra 30
Livornese Tom ? FF
Mahoney John Lowell policeman P
Mailhot Maurice from Lowell L
Markson David ? DD
McClure Michael poet 101, ZZZ
McNulty Ray "Red" JK childhood friend O
Mercier Rita Woman who knew JK O
Micheline Jack Poet 21, 33
Miller Bob JK friend in SF 1959-60 FFF, GGG
Morissette Father Armand Friend from Lowell 8, 10
Murphy Cornelius "Connie" JK childhood friend SS
Murray George JK childhood friend V
Nadeau Leo JK childhood friend 54
Nobriga Manuel "Chiefy" Bartender at Nicky's Bar in Lowell 40, 63, 69, 85
Nobriga Phyllis wife of Manuel "Chiefy" Nobriga 63, 69
O'Dea Jim JK childhood friend EEE, FFF
O'Dea Joanne wife of Jim O'Dea FFF
Orlovsky Peter Friend of Allen Ginsberg and JK 14, 24
Ouellette Reginald from Lowell H
Parent Gerald JK childhood friend Z
Parker Charlotte JK's sister-in-law; Edie Parker's sister VV
Parker Edie JK 1st wife w/ her former lover Jaki VVV, WWW, SS, TT, UU, VV
Patel Virginia Mayhew JK's lover and friend in the late 1940s MMM, OOO
Pendergast Jay Lowellite R, S
Pierre Pierre Lowell bartender L
Rexroth Kenneth poet OOO, PPP
Roberge Skippy JK childhood friend P
Rynne Elmer JK childhood friend R
Saijo Albert Friend of JK 24, 26
Samaras Sam JK childhood friend J
Sampas Helen JK sister-in-law G
Sampas John JK brother-in-law 74, 46, 60
Sampas Mary JK sister-in-law 10
Sampas Nick JK brother-in-law X, ZZZ
Sampas Tony JK brother-in-law CC, L, P, Q, R, U, F, G
Sanders Ed poet 66
Sawyer Victor JK childhood friend 54
Schell Marina Charles Sampas' daughter P, Q
Schell Peter Mary Sampas' son-in-law 85
Shirley Shirley Manny Bello coworker I
Shotwell Bill JK friend from Northport, Long Island 82
Snyder Gary poet 90, 92, 94
Snyder Thea Gary Snyder's sister 25, 39
Solomon Carl JK friend 81, 87
Sorota Joe JK high school teammate W
Sorrells Lois JK's lover NN, QQ
Sorrells Lois with Beckwith PP
St. Louis Red JK childhood friend N, O
Tatsios Tatsios JK childhood friend AA
Tomson Bill friend of Neal Cassady 94
Tsotakos Steve Childhood friend of JK; Sampas cousin 60
Twardowicz Stanley JK friend from Northport LI 1960s HH, II, 57, 66,67,82,83,4,5,6,3
Vega Janine Pommy Poet DD
Voyer Joe JK childhood friend 54
Voyer Phoebe JK childhood friend 54
Vugaropolis Peter Bar owner in Lowell H
Whalen Phillip poet AAAA, ZZZ
White Ed JK friend from Columbia U and Denver 21, 22, 15, 18
Wong Victor w/ Jan Kerouac interviewed by David Whittaker XXX-2, YYY-2


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Published: December 15, 2001
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