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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table N: Rule Changes 1970-1979

Table N: Rule Changes 1970-1979
1971 All major league players must wear protective helmets at bat 1.16
1973 The year of the DH. The American League votes to accept the designated hitter rule on a three-year experimental basis. The National League votes against it. 6.1
1973 A reliever is credited with a save for "protecting" a lead. 10.2
1974 The save rule is amended slightly; no save is to be credited to a pitcher unless the tying run was on base or at the plate or unless he pitched three effective innings. (Before this a reliever was given a save if he maintained the lead, no matter what the score when he arrived.) 10.2
1974 Umpires may declare illegal pitches without any physical evidence. If they think that the motion of the ball indicates that the pitcher is throwing a spitter or a defaced ball, they may issue a warning and, if it happens a second time, eject a pitcher from the game. 8.02
1975 The ball may be covered with cowhide as well as horsehide. 1.09
1975 Cupped bats are allowed 1.1
1975 The save is refined once more: if the tying run is on deck, a pitcher is credited with a save. 10.2
1976 The American League accepts the DH as a permanent part of the rules. The National League reaffirms its opposition. 6.1
1978 A pitcher's ERA is to be calculated henceforth with fractions of innings pitched rather than with full innings. 10.22

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Published: December 15, 2001
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