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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table M: Rule Changes 1960-1969

Table M: Rule Changes 1960-1969
1962 Oversized gloves are banned for use by pitchers, infielders, and outfielders. [1.14 and 1.15] 1.14
1962 Batters may apply a grip-improving substance to the bat, though not beyond eighteen inches of its length beginning at the handle. 1.1
1963 Strikezone widened to offset increasing offense rule changes in 1950s  
1967 A player must have a total of at least 3.1 plate appearances for every scheduled game to qualify as the league leader in Batting Average or Slugging Average. However, if there is any player with fewer than the required number of plate appearances whose average would be highest if he were charged with this required number of appearances, then the player shall be recognized as the league leader in Batting or Slugging Average 10.23
1968 The pitcher's mound is lowered to ten inches above home plate and the base lines, where it remains today. 1.07
1968 If a pitcher "goes to his mouth" with men on base, a balk is declared. If the bases are empty, a ball is called. 8.02
1969 Runs are earned by a relief pitcher who enters the game in the middle of an inning as if he entered the game at the beginning of the inning. 10.18
1969 The category of Saves is added to baseball statistics 10.2

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Published: December 15, 2001
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