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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table J: Rule Changes 1930-1939

Table J: Rule Changes 1930-1939
1931 A fair ball that bounces through or over a fence or into the stands is considered a ground-rule double instead of a home run. 6.09
1931 The sacrifice fly is eliminated. 10.09
1933 Three umpires to a daily game come into regular use.  
1934 Both major leagues are required to adopt the same brand of baseball. 1.09
1935 The first major league night baseball game is played, in Cincinnati on May 24  
1935 The first umpire school opens, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  
1939 The pitcher is allowed to have his free foot in front of or behind the rubber, with his pivot foot in front of or on the rubber (but always in contact with it). 8.01
1939 Six umpires are appointed to the World Series, two of whom work as alternates.  
1939 A batter is credited with a sacrifice fly and not charged with a time at bat if he hits a fly ball that is caught and a runner scores on the catch. This rule lasted only a year. 10.09

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JCBA Vol. 20. Rule Changes (1930-1939)
Published: December 15, 2001
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