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   Chronology of Changes to Major League Baseball Official Rules

Table I: Rule Changes 1920-1929

Table I: Rule Changes 1920-1929
1920 The abolition of the spitball, with a "grandfather clause": each team is allowed to appoint two spitball pitchers for the 1920 season. 8.02
1920 A ball that hits an umpire is in play. 5.08
1920 The umpire may suspend play at any time for an accident to a player or an umpire. 4.12
1920 After a thirty-minute rain delay an umpire may terminate a game. 4.12
1920 A player must appear in at least one hundred games to qualify as the league leader in Batting Average and Slugging Average. Before this there was no official rule, but it was generally accepted that a man had to play in sixty percent of the scheduled games to qualify. 10.23
1920 The category of RBI is added to scoring. 10.04
1920 A runner may not run the bases in reverse order "for the purpose of confusing the fielders or making a travesty of the game." 7.08
1920 The ball has its gloss removed before a game by the umpire 3.01
1920 Enter the "lively ball." Australian yarn, said to be stronger than its American equivalent, may be wound tighter, so the ball's bounce and hardness increase. 1.09
1920 No stolen base is to be credited when the defense makes no attempt to get the runner out. 10.08
1921 Another grandfather clause in the spitball rule: eight National League and nine American League pitchers are officially designated as spitball pitchers and allowed to use the spitter for the rest of their careers. 8.02
1925 Pitchers are allowed to use a rosin bag. 8.02E
1926 Pitchers are not credited with a strikeout if a batter reaches first base because of a wild pitch on the third strike 10.17
1926 It is a ground-rule double instead of a home run if the ball is hit over the fence in fair territory if the fence is less than 250 feet from home plate. 6.09
1926 The cushioned cork-center baseball is introduced. 1.09
1926 The sacrifice fly rule is amended to exempt a batter from an at-bat when a runner advances from first to second or second to third as well as on scoring. 10.09

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