Baseball historians generally cite the 1903 season as the beginning of the modern World Series. Since that time the World Series has been played every year with two exceptions: 1904 and 1994. The Fall Classics played in 1903, 1919 and 1921 consisted of eight game contests. Of the remaining World Series, 35 have included a seventh and deciding game. The table below itemizes those seventh games and provides the winning team and league (NL-National League; AL-American League). In addition, the actual day the seventh game was played is provided. Finally, we have included a non-baseball historical event occurring on the day the seventh game was played.

Year Result  7th Game Date Other Historical Event on day of 7th Game
1909 Pittsburgh-NL beats Detroit-AL 16-Oct US President Taft meets Mexican President Diaz in El Paso, TX.
1912 Boston-AL defeats New York-NL 16-Oct Mahalia Jackson is born in New Orlean, LA.
1920 Cleveland-AL defeats Brooklyn-NL 12-Oct USSR signs truce with Poland.
1924 Washington-AL defeats New York-NL 10-Oct Composer Wendy (nee William) Carlos is born.
1925 Pittsburgh-NL defeats Washington-AL 15-Oct Dolores Jimenez y Muro, Mexican socialist, dies in Mexico City
1926 St. Louis-NL defeats New York-AL 10-Oct A fire burns down the eastern portion of the town of Douglas, Alaska.
1931 St. Louis-NL defeats Philadelphia-AL 10-Oct "Shiver My Timbers" a Hal Roach 2-reel OUR GANG comedy is released.
1934 St. Louis-NL defeats Detroit-AL 09-Oct King Alexsandr I of Yugoslavia is killed in Marseilles, France.
1940 Cincinnati-NL defeats Detroit-AL 08-Oct Excess Profits Tax Act signed into law in the United States.
1945 Detroit-AL defeats Chicago-NL 10-Oct In an example of the race war in the US, Jesse Payne is shot to death by a mob in Madison, Florida.
1946 St. Louis-NL defeats Boston-AL 15-Oct Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering poisons himself shortly before he was to be hung.
1947 New York-AL defeats Brooklyn-NL 06-Oct US Atomic Energy Commission begins research on the peaceful uses of atomic energy.
1952 New York-AL defeats Brooklyn-NL 07-Oct A Russian jet bomber shoots down a US B-29 over Hokkaido, Japan.
1955 Brooklyn-NL defeats New York-AL 04-Oct Texas Ranger, Clarence Nordyke from Company E is killed in a car/train accident.
1956 New York-AL defeats Brooklyn-NL 10-Oct The French-built night bomber Vautour IIN makes its first flight.
1957 Milwaukee-NL defeats New York-AL 10-Oct First telecast of the US television series "Zorro."
1958 New York-AL defeats Milwaukee-NL 09-Oct Pope Pius XII dies after serving 19 years as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
1960 Pittsburgh-NL defeats New York-AL 13-Oct Third television debate between presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John Kennedy.
1962 New York-AL defeats San Francisco-NL 16-Oct The Cuban missile crisis between the US and Russia begins.
1964 St. Louis-NL defeats New York-AL 15-Oct Russian leader Nikita Khruschev is removed from office.
1965 Los Angeles-NL defeats Minnesota-AL 14-Oct Rock group The Yardbirds give a live concert in Queen's Hall in Barnstable, England.
1967 St. Louis-NL defeats Boston-AL 12-Oct Italian astronomer Antonio Giordanna, using his telescope, discovers nitrogen on the Moon.
1968 Detroit-AL defeats St. Louis-NL 10-Oct The Freddie Hubbard Quintet records "Hub-Tones" in New York City.
1971 Pittsburgh-NL defeats Baltimore-AL 17-Oct Maximillian Kolbe is beatified by the Catholic church.
1972 Oakland-AL defeats Cincinnati-NL 22-Oct Henry Kissinger is in Vietnam for peace talks with South Vietnam's President Thieu.
1973 Oakland-AL defeats New York-NL 21-Oct The "Saturday Night Massacre" associated with the US political scandal called "Watergate" occurs.
1975 Cincinnati-NL defeats Boston-AL 22-Oct Russian space ship Venera 9 enters orbit around the planet Venus.
1979 Pittsburgh-NL defeats Baltimore-AL 17-Oct Mother Teresa receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
1982 St. Louis-NL defeats Milwaukee-AL 20-Oct Korczak Ziolkowski, maker of the Crazy Horse Memorial dies.
1985 Kansas City-AL defeats St. Louis-NL 27-Oct The United Auto Workers approve a contract with the Chrysler Corporation.
1986 New York-NL defeats Boston-AL 27-Oct US President Ronald Reagan signs Executive Order #12571, "Implementation of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act."
1987 Minnesota-AL defeats St. Louis-NL 25-Oct Three firefighters die during a training exercise in Milford, Michigan.
1991 Minnesota-AL defeats Atlanta-NL 27-Oct The Republic of Chechnya elects a President and deputies to its governing body.
1997 Florida-NL defeats Cleveland-AL 27-Oct Dow Jones Industrial Average declines 554.26 points setting a record.
2001 Arizona-NL defeats New York-AL 4-Nov Hurricane Michelle hits Cuba with 135 mph winds; more than a half-million people from low-lying areas were evacuated. .

LIU AIMAN is a Senior Fellow at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA). She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University where she studied Philosophy and Linguistics. She plays an occasional secondbase for the Asian Snakes, a women's softball team in Northern Virginia.

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