Searching for the Beautiful

by Sappho de Plath

This search makes use of popular words and includes some images of naked bodies. The images used are real pictures, not words describing or invoking images of naked bodies. As a poet I use images to stand for my desires. I write poems because it helps me assemble the universe. I search out aspects of the universe that are typically confusing but exciting

If you are offended by pictures of naked human beings, you can still experience this search, because the chances are you won't uncover any pictures. I don't know if it is called karma or spirit or what, but if you are the type of person who is disturbed by the naked human body, then your repressive nature will probably keep you from finding what you don't want to find in the first place.

If you are excited and anxious to search out the pictures of naked people you might also be disappointed because you might not find what you are looking for. Your own exuberance might distort the fundamental desire to experience some erotic sensation in the abstract. But I wish you luck. You have my encouragement.

We all look for things.

In the search that follows a series of lines with well known words and once in awhile combinations of words will be presented. You can use your computer's pointing device to point at a word and another word, a so-called underword will be displayed. If you click on a word another set of words with underwords might be displayed. Eventually, depending on a number of factors you may find that a click takes you to a picture of someone naked. On the other hand, if you do nothing but watch, new words will automatically appear but it is very unlikely that a concrete image will appear.

In general, what helps us find the beautiful these days?

Is it money, is it power, is it sexual appeal. What is it? And if we search long and hard enough will we be assured of some success? The counter on each page is there to remind you that while beauty may be eternal, life is not.

To begin the search select from the list below the sequence of words you like the best and then click on the words.

PLEASE NOTE: A full-screen browser window will automatically open. To return to normal browser mode press ALT-F4 and click one of the options. Remember ALT-F4 resizes the browser window back to normal.

I hope you find what I was looking for.


Sappho de Plath is the current president of the Henry Miller Club, a collective of writers and art enthusiasts founded in 1993. Her work has been published in Paratrope and Centipede magazines. She is working on a collection of her poems to be published in the Spring of 2000. De Plath currently lives with her father in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Published: December 18, 1999
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