Casey at the Bat
The American classic poem of failure by Ernest Thayer. In addition to the original poem, several parodies are included. Background information on the poem and its rise to popularity is included. A cosmic game report covering the contest between the Mudville Nine and the Paradise Pisces is also available. by Zel Paradise

Lynn Behrendt Poetry
Ms. Behrendt lives and writes her poetry in New York's Hudson Valley. She has one of the strongest and clearest voices of her generation. Shades of Plath and Sexton, but a most unique breath.

Pete Rose- Hall of Fame Controversy
Does Pete Rose belong in Baseball's Hall of Fame alongside Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Cap Anson and others? Did Rose bet on the game of baseball? Should he be forgiven? by the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA)

Nietzsche in Love
Beyond philosophy and art, a small glimpse into the soul of this very human German philosopher. This is a link to Nietzsche's 1998 cosmic player plate. He's a catcher for the Alphatown Ionians. by Patricia Comfort

Diane Arbus- Substance on the Edge
This is a link to the Diane Arbus Honored Cosmic Player Plate. Arbus took stark black and white, mostly square portraits of people mostly on the edge and fringe. Her vision, dark and disturbing, is relentless in its probing of our human connectedness. by Andrew Lampert

The Jack Kerouac Literary Estate Controversy
When Jack Kerouac died in 1969 his estate was worth an estimated $90 dollars. Almost 30 years later, some have claimed the estate is worth more then $10 million dollars. No wonder there's a controversy. by the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA)

Major League Baseball Rule 6.10(b): The Designated Hitter
The purists and traditionalists don't like it; the impure innovators do. Has overall strategy been reduced? Does it benefit the game? Is it a fair rule? by the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA)

Journal of the Cosmic Baseball Association
Volume 16
Winter 1997-1998

Editor: Zev Paradise
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Journal of the Cosmic Baseball Association, Volume 16
Published: November 25, 1997
Updated: October 6, 1998