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Jack Kerouac's Daughter

Born February 16, 1952 in Albany, New York, Ms. Kerouac was the only daughter of Jack Kerouac, famed beat generation author. Her mother, Joan Haverty, was Kerouac's second wife. Jack Kerouac died in 1969 and Ms. Haverty died in 1991.

Jan had met her father only twice. The first time, in 1962, was when her mother instituted legal proceedings seeking child support. (Kerouac was required to pay $52 per week). The second time she saw her father, Jan was 15 and en route to Mexico. She stopped by her father's house for a brief visit. Gerald Nicosia a Kerouac biographer, and friend of Jan Kerouac has written that

Jan loved [her father] very much and was haunted by not having him and wanting to get to know him, trying to follow in his footsteps.

Jan Kerouac wrote an unpublished novel with her first husband, John Lash, called The Influence. In 1981, her second novel, Baby Driver was published. Another novel Trainsong was published in 1988.

Married and divorced twice, Ms. Kerouac lived a troubled life marked by periods of self-destruction. In 1968 she gave birth to a stillborn child. She had no other children.

Jan, ironically enough, was an extra in the film Heart Beat which was about her father's triangular love affair with Carolyn and Neal Cassady. The actor John Heard was playing her father in the film.

I helped John practice his Jack lip, showing him one of the few things I knew about my father, which was the way he stuck out his lower lip, easy for me because I had inherited it.

Jan Kerouac died June 7, 1996 at age 44 from kidney disease. She was working on her third novel, Parrot Fever when she died.

At the time of her death she was involved in several controversies associated with her father. She unsuccessfully tried to have his grave in Lowell moved to the Kerouac family plot in Nashua, New Hampshire. She was also involved in legal proceedings involving the status of her father's literary estate.

Jan Kerouac

Batting Record YEAR TEAM POS BA AB H HR RBI 1985 Beats 3b .229 580 133 13 64 1987 Beats 3b .273 410 112 9 45 2 Seasons .247 990 245 22 109

Jan Kerouac Obituary

Gerald Nicosia's Article on the Kerouac Literary Estate Controversey

And so time passes, passes by, passes over, passes away and through and pass the butter please. Sometimes time passes by so fast...you can't even see those seconds make their little streaks of reentry into your heart.
--Jan Kerouac, Trainsong

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