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Rock Musician

Born 1943

In 1969 at age 26, Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones rock and roll band said:

"When I'm 33, I quit. That's the time when a man has to do something else. I don't want to be a rock and roll singer all my life."

In 1993 when he turned 50, he was still a rock and roll singer. But a radio commentator, could not believe that this Rolling Stone was half-a-century old. It just was not possible.

It's an oxymoron. It's like the Pope turning Jewish...Jagger [is] a symbol of his generation-- sexy, druggie, dangerous, satanic, wicked." (Susan Stamberg, National Public Radio)

The penultimate Stones song, the 1965 hit "Satisfaction" was called a declaration of war by the Miami Herald. The Beatles, well, they were cool ,hip, beat...the Stones were in-your-face, hot and erotic. John Lennon was Gandhi, Mick Jagger was Mau Mau.

Well, of course, rock and roll music was as much about marketing and imagery as it was substance. Near his 50th birthday Jagger released a third solo album Wandering Spirit. One of the songs, "Mother of Man" was inspired by the Los Angeles riots that erupted over the Rodney King/LAPD trial. In a 1993 interview with Maclean's Magazine, a glimpse into the social consciousness of Mick Jagger can be had:

Maclean's: A song, Mother of a Man, from your new album sounds like it was written in the wake of the L.A. riots.

Jagger: It was. I found a lot of my friends went out and bought guns and joined local gun clubs. I was around for the Watts riots [1965]. But this time they were not contained in just one neighborhood. Nowhere was safe. It didn't go into Beverly Hills, but that's what everyone was worried about.

Maclean's: Do you carry a gun?

Jagger: Noooo. Though there have been some situations where I've carried one.

Maclean's: What kind of situations?

Jagger: Dangerous situations.

Maclean's: You once sang, `Summer's here and time is right for violent revolution.' Do you worry now about preserving the social order?

Jagger: That song you just quoted, Street Fighting Man, is really about how people don't do too much street fighting. Do I feel like preserving the social order? Not particularly. I think the social order quite often needs changing. Whether you change it by throwing chairs through windows is another matter. The L.A. riots don't seem to have done a lot of good--nothing has really happened in their wake.

This "Street Fighting Man", some 30 years later, seems to have found some formula for satisfaction, if not happy bliss. Most recently he was flirting with the movie star Ms. Uma Thurman to the dismay of his wife, model Ms. Jerry Hall. But this sounds like a repeat of a problem that occurred in 1992 when Mr. Jagger was finding satisfaction with a young Italian model. Overt violence might not be for him as he grows older and wiser. But neither are conventional family values.

Maclean's: There's also an image of Keith [Richards] as the guy who lives and breathes rock 'n' roll, while you are the calculating businessman.

Jagger: If only it were true. I really don't enjoy business. I never do business, apart from The Rolling Stones. I'm not interested in playing the market. I find that very dull. But you have to do a certain amount of business, or you just get ripped off, or you end up having to do things that you don't realize you were asked to do. And Keith--Keith's a great family man. He takes them all on the road, his mother-in-law and whatever else. He's not generally perceived as such, but he is very family-oriented.

Maclean's: And yourself?

Jagger: I'm not like that. When I go on the road, I like to be on my own, more or less. Because I can't function, I can't concentrate. I love my family and I love to see them. But I don't think I would like to live like Keith.

Maclean's: You called your new album Wandering Spirit. Where do you feel most at home?

Jagger: I'm very at home with lots of places. But that song is really about what happens when you lose your roots so to speak, both physically and mentally.

Maclean's: Do you ever just want to chuck it all and settle down?

Jagger: No [laughs]. In a word, no.

Mick Jagger
YEAR  TEAM      POS    BA    AB     H   HR  RBI
1991  Dragons   if    .284   640   182   41  100
1992  Dragons   if    .261   245    64    3   28
1993  Dragons   3b    .278   241    67    6   34
1994  Pisces    3b    .246   643   158   18   72
1995  Pisces    3b    .257   638   164   21   74
1996  Pisces    3b    .252   620   156   39  111
      6 Seasons       .261  3027   791  128  419

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