1995 Paradise Pisces

Mick Jagger, Thirdbase

British Rock Musician (1943- )

Lead singer of one of the most popular and successful rock and roll bands, the Rolling Stones. Formed in 1963 the Rolling Stones vied with the Beatles for rock and roll supremacy during the 1960s. While the Beatles appeared more clean-cut, the rolling Stones exuded a more raw, animal-like eroticism. Some of their better earlier albums include High Tide and Green Grass (1966), Between the Buttons (1967) and Hot Rocks (1971). Jagger and the Stones were also involved in one of the great rock concert tragedies of the era when during the 1969 Altamont concert a Hells Angels motorcycle gang member, contracted to provide security at the concert killed a spectator. Jagger was an early round pick during the Winter draft.

Mick Jagger
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