Louise Miller


1890-1956. Mother of Henry Miller

Louise Nieting Miller played the guitar and the zither. Her son, Henry, thought her to be a cold, undemonstrative woman whom he did not like, despite, or perhaps because, she doted on him. Her own mother had gone insane. She married Henry's father, a drunk, when she was 20. Her first child, a daughter, was born "feeble-minded."

Henry preferred his father's side of the family but as children the family dynamic was mother and children against father. Louise was constantly belittling her husband.

Louise's only son was called "Little Henry."

Later in life Henry would grow to resent and detest his mother. Miller described her as bossy, snobbish and pretentious. Louise was also anti-semitic. All in all this was an example of a failed mother-son relationship.

According to Miller's biographer, Robert Ferguson, Henry was not unhappy when his mother died on March 21, 1956.

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