So I get this letter
from a father whose son is a
product of maternal
indulgence and apologizing,
suggesting that maybe I don't know
my ass from a hot rock
about teaching,
and wants to know why I'm more interested
in grabbing the big tax dollars he pays
than I am about teaching.

So after I explain that
he came to his conclusion without
being armed with all the facts of the matter
and he turns red
and apologizes several times
and winds up explaining
through teary eyes
what things are like at home
and apologizes a few more times
and tells me to go ahead
and give his son another detention
and he'll be sure it gets served.

I decide I won't embarass him
by returning the buck seventy-eight
which I figure is his share of my salary
and walk out of the room
feeling lousy
for planning to in the first place.

from The Poetry of Teaching.
Thornetree Hill Poetry Press
Syracuse, NY. 1998.
Copyright © 1998 by Herm Card

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