Cosmic Game Report

Heartland Capitalists at Psychedelphia Woodstockings

May 15, 1997

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Shows the result of each batters plate appearance

Summarizes batting performance

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Details power hitting, base running, defense, and players left-on-base

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Lineup Cards

1H.L. HuntLFTexas Oilman
2Howard Hughes1BReclusive Capitalist
3J. M. Keynes3BEconomist
4Lee IacoccaCFFormer CEO, Chrysler Corp.
5Bill GatesRFChairman, Microsoft Corp.
6N. HuntCTexas Oilman
7Ted Turner2BCommunications & Sports Mogul
8Michael EisnerSSCEO, Walt Disney Co.
9Joe Kennedy
H.Ross Perot
PAmerican Capitalist
American Capitalist

1Huey Newton2BBlack Panther
2Lee Harvey OswaldCFAllegedly killed JFK
3Martin Luther King3BCivil Rights Leader
4Oscar JanigerRFPsychologist
5Sharon TateSSActress
6James Earl Ray1BAllegedly killed MLK
7David DellingerLFChicago 7 Defendant
8Malcolm XCBlack Muslim Leader
9Bobby Seale
Phil Ochs
PBlack Panther


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
Capitalists 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 4 8 1
Woodsox 0 0 0 2 0 2 2 1 x 7 14 2


Capitalists-4 at Woodsox-7

DP-Double Play; E-Error; FO-Fly Out; GO-Ground Out; HR-Homerun
K-Strikeout; LO-Lineout; T-Triple; W-Walk; - Single; = Double


Capitalists-4 at Woodsox-7

AB-At Bats; H-Hits; HR-Homeruns
RBI-Runs Batted In; B AVE-Batting Average

Pitching Details

W-Won; L-Lost; IP-Innings Pitched; H-Hits
R-Runs ER-Earned Runs; W-Walks; K-Strikeouts

Game Notes

Homeruns HuntN, Eisner
Malcolm X
Triples Dellinger
Doubles Hughes, Keynes
Dellinger, Malcolm X, Tate
Errors Capitalists-1 (Turner)
Woodsox-2 (Newton, Tate)
Doubleplays Capitalists-2
Left-on-Base Capitalists-6

Stolen Bases none
Caught Stealing none
Umpires Howe, Jackson, Rose
Game Time 3 hours, 2 minutes
Attendance 12,469


Most Cosmic Player (MCP)
David Dellinger


Despite hitting three homeruns, the mighty captains of industry couldn't beat the more radical lineup of the 60s tribe. The Woodsox, behind the solid hitting efforts of David Dellinger, Oscar Janiger, Malcolm X and Lee Harvey Oswald, looped the streaking Capitalists, who had won four in a row until this game.

Phil Ochs, Woodsox closer, notched another save as the Woodsox pitching staff exceeds everyone's expectations. Woodsox manager, John Lennon, affectionately called "your highness" by his players because of all the marijuana he chews during the games, expressed satisfaction with the team's recent performance. Despite the fact that he has been criticized for not providing enough discipline, the Woodsox are faring well in the Cosmic Middle League.

Capitalists owner, Michael Jordan, attended the game during a break from his NBA playoff work. Rumors have been circulating that Jordan plans to sell the Capitalists at the end of the current season; but who he's talking to is unknown.

The Capitalists are doing well this year, solid hitting and good pitching have kept them competitive. Contrary to the Woodsox, the Capitalists are one of the most disciplined and regimented teams in the Middle League.

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CBA Game: Capitalists at Woodsox- May 15, 1997
Published: May 15, 1997

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