Diana Hansen


Mrs. Neal Cassady, III

Jack Kerouac introduced Diana Hansen, a young model, to his friend Neal Cassady in New York in August, 1949. Described by a Kerouac biographer as a "statuesque brunette who yearned for the love of a cowboy" Diana quickly fell in love with Neal, the "Adonis of Denver".

Neal, of course, was still married to Carolyn, and had recently been running around with his first wife, LuAnne. In fact, on January 26, 1950, while Neal was in New York with Diana, Carolyn gave birth in California to Neal's second daughter, Jamie.

In February 1950 Neal got Diana pregnant. To make sure that the child would be "legitimate" Neal drove to Mexico (with Jack) to get a divorce from Carolyn. On July 10, Neal and Diana were married in New York. Several days later, Neal was back in California with an enraged Carolyn. On November 7, 1950 Diana gave birth to a son. Initially named Neal III, the name was later changed to Curtis. However, by the time Curtis arrived on the scene, Neal was back, more or less permanently, with Carolyn Cathy, and the infant Jamie.

For awhile, Diana attempted to adjust to the somewhat unconventional arrangerment Neal was apparently trying to arrange. But it was not to be. And despite some persistence on Diana's part, Neal was never there for her or Curtis.

Diana eventually married someone else and had a daughter.

Diana Hansen

Would you relly try to have an affair with Carolyn? Or try to instigate some 3-part plan? I shouldn't think you would-- too damned destructive for all of us...My darling, let's be nice old bourgeois...with salt shakers on the table & a Chevrolet station wagon in the garage...
--Diana Hansen to Neal Cassady. 1955
Source: Carolyn Cassady. Off The Road.

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