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Hammid was drafted by the Bolex Poetics on February 11, 2001. He is the former husband of Maya Deren who also plays for the Poetics.
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Alexander Hammid

Experimental Filmmaker
b. December 17, 1907
d. July 26, 2004

Alexander Hammid LinkAlexander Hammid was born Alexandr Hackenschmied in Linz, Austria. He spent the early part of his life in Czechoslovakia. His interest in photography began in high school when he experimented with the making of 6" x 9" photographs. In 1927 he began attending the Czech Institute of Technology with plans to study architecture. A year later he was an artistic advisor on the film Erotikon by Czech filmmaker Gustav Machaty. Hammid thereafter began publishing articles on film and organized experimental film exhibitions in Prague. In 1930 he made his first film Aimless Walk. In 1939, with the growing unrest in Europe, Hammid immigrated to the United States. While working in Hollywood in 1942, he met and fell in love with Maya Deren. They were married in August, 1942. They made several films together, before divorcing in 1947. Their most notable collaboration is the 1943 avant-garde classic, Meshes in the Afternoon. In later years, Hammid was involved in the development of large-screen, multi-media IMAX film technology. Mr. Hammid died in New York City, at the age of 96, on July 26, 2004.

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Alexander Hammid 2005 Cosmic Player Plate
Published: January 10, 2005