Sigmund Freud


1997 Paradise Pisces

Austrian Psychologist; Founder of Psychoanalysis


The cartographer of the psyche.

Sigmund Freud, the eldest of eight children, and the son of a Jewish wool merchant, Jakob, and his wife, Amalie, is one of the 20th century's most important intellectual figures.

Freud discovered that neurotic disorders, such as hysteria and paranoia, were frequently associated with sexual conflicts, usually experienced at a very young age. Hence, his theory of "infantile sexuality". He developed psychoanalysis as a clinical technique to "cure" the mental disease afflicting the patient. The purpose of psychoanalysis was to have the patient bring to consciousness the repressed feelings associated with the original trauma. This provided a catharsis, a release of the suppressed anxiety causing the neurosis. While Freud did not invent the term "unconscious" he was the first to set sail and chart its regions. The Ego, the Id and the Superego were terrains of the psyche that Freud discovered and explained.

Freud's ideas have permeated all aspects of 20th century thought. His lexicon of psychoanalytic terminology infuses common speech so much so that people intuitively understand the meanings of "ego trip" and "Oedipal conflict".

For example, everyone knows that a "Freudian slip" occurs when you say one thing but really mean your mother.

Sigmund Freud- Pitching Record
YEAR  TEAM   ERA     W     L    IP   ER   BB     K
1992  Pisces 2.74    14    12   207   63   91   126
1993  Pisces 4.01    11    18   191   85   81   120
1994  Pisces 4.31    14    12   186   89   95   142
1995  Pisces 2.86    20    13   301   96  104   164
1996  Pisces 4.36    13    12   163   79   75   108

   5 Seasons 3.54    72    67  1048  412  446   660

Sigmund Freud- Batting Record
YEAR  TEAM      POS    BA    AB    H     HR   RBI
1983  Ionians   of   0.246   452   111   10   50
1984  Ionians   of   0.226   433    98   10   48

      2 Seasons      0.236   885   209   20   98

Freud began his cosmic playing career as an outfielder with the Alphatown Ionians. After an eight year sabbatical to learn the complexities of throwing a small white ball at a man holding a rounded stick, he was drafted as a pitcher by the Pisces. Known as pitcher who can psyche-out the average batter he frequently runs into control problems. In 1995 he won 20 games and had a small earned run average of 2.86 runs per game. Last season he stumbled a little bit. In five seasons as a Pisces pitcher, Freud has had double digit won-lost records.

1997 Paradise Pisces Roster


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