1996 Paradise Pisces

Sigmund Freud, Pitcher

Austrian Psychologist (1856-1939)

The creator of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud innovated the scientific study of the human mind. By mapping the terrain of the unconscious, this great thinker and writer has influenced much of contemporary thought and discourse. Our use of the terms ego, id, and superego, our fascination with the understanding of our dreams and sexuality, evolves directly from Freud and his school of psychoanalysis. It is to Freud that we credit the concept that the "child is father of the man" a phrase which evokes waves of intellectual curiosity. Freud published many works on psychoanalysis, including The Interpretation of Dreams (1900). His only visit to the United States occurred in 1909 when he was a guest lecturer at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

While an outstanding and formidable thinker, Freud has been less successful on the cosmic playing field. Drafted by the Alphatown Ionians in 1989, he is a fastball throwing southpaw who never has demonstrated much durability. Nevertheless, he keeps on making the roster, year in, year out.

Freud Archive site

Freud site at Brown University

FreudNet at the A.A. Brill Library

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean a mother

Freud- Cosmic Pitching Record

YEAR  TEAM              ERA     IP  Won     Lost    Win Pct     SO
----  ---------------  ------  ---- ------  ------  --------- ------
Freud, Sigmund
1995  Pisces            2.86    301     20      13   .606        164

           TOTALS       2.87    301     20      13   .606        164

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1996 Cosmic Player Sigmund Freud
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Published: January 15, 1996
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