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Found Film Footage
2007 Filthy Film Festival Entrants

Filthy Film Entrants Win, 3-0

All of the FOUND players were found on the internet either at or These environments allow the uploading and public presentation of a variety of filmic/videographic events.

Using the Google video site, search terms were tested to determine the number of results for different types or categories of "films." For example, searching for records using the two words "home movie" yielded 96,453 results. Using the expanded search term "personal home movie" the number of results decreased to 941. Searching for "experimental movie" yielded 16,075 results and the search term "avant-garde film" resulted in 1,395 "hits." (The searching was conducted on the day of the game.)

Given the large set of potential players it should be noted that the emphasis was skewed towards examples of "experimental" footage and we became guided by the words, work and writing of one of the first found "films" which was the television interview with Hollis Frampton. Frampton is described by Susan Krane in her introduction to Hollis Frampton: Recollections/Recreations (MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1984) as a, "widely known theorist and filmmaker, a pioneer of the avant-garde cinema..."

The 2007 FILTHY FILM Festival was hosted by the Bolex Poetics Commune ( in May. Over four hundred entries were submitted and ultimately 50 of those candidates got projected at the festival. The players on this cosmic team represent entrants that received at least one (1) vote from one of the judgment committees. (The pitcher, Cecilia, won third prize at the festival.)

NOTE: There are links to the visual work embedded in the name of each player on the rosters.

Please also note that links to the Filthy Film Festival players are also embedded with credential requests. That is, usernames and passwords are required to view these specific players. To receive appropriate credentials, please send an e-mail to (an explanation for this particular brand of security for these examples of intellectual property will be explained in a reply message.)

ROSTERS (Lineup Sort)

Found Film Footage Go to the Filthy Film Roster

Stan Brakhage
Found at

This 1998 experimental silent short film & portrait by Rune Lind pays homage to the father of American experimental cinema Stan Brakhage.

Kenneth Anger
Found at

KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDOS by KENNETH ANGER. An example of "New American Cinema."

From: garantj. Pygmalion and his machine mistress. To the soundtrack of "Dream Lover" a young man strokes his customized car with a powder puff. "Kustom Kar Kommandos" was originally to be an eight-part, 30-minute film which Anger describes as "an oneiric vision of a contemporary American (and specifically Californian) teenage phenomenon, the world of hot-rod and customized cars." Anger made the episode presently shown as "Kustom Kar Kommandos" to raise funds to finish the film, but was unable to do so and the project was abandoned. Category Film & Animation. Tags: movie short.


moondoggie71 (1 month ago) It's a '30 or '31 5 Window Ford Coupe. Brilliant.

DeanLeonard1 (4 weeks ago) Chrome car parts and boy crotches--set to the tune of "Dream Lover"--ya gotta love Anger.

vincentjennings (1 week ago) Great video! Very interesting.

kelillo (5 days ago) Very good video. the true art is awesome...

Second Base
Hollis Frampton
Found at

1977 television interview with experimental filmmaker.

[from Google site]. A figure in the American experimental film movement of the 1960s and '70s and a widely published theorist. Hollis Frampton made Zorns Lemma, the Hapax Legomena series, and the unfinished Magellan. Retrospectives of his work have been shown at the Walker Art Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and elsewhere. The journal October twice devoted whole issues to Frampton, and the entire body of his film work is preserved in the Royal Film Archive of Belgium. Frampton taught at Cooper Union, Hunter College, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. In January 1977, Hollis Frampton appeared on Screening Room to discuss his work and screen Lemon, Pas De Trois, excerpts from Maxwell's Demon, Surface Tension and Critical Mass, and footage from what ultimately became Magellan. (Includes) MAXWELL'S DEMON (excerpts) by HOLLIS FRAMPTON


Tulse Luper. 4 days ago. Frampton was a filmmaker of astounding intellect. A legend.

Huck Apr 23, 2007. okay this stuff i cant follow on - what the hell was that...

Short Stop
Adolfas Mekas
Found at

From: mangiagatti. A dinner in Naples few time ago Adolfas Mekas speaking about problems for shooting in film. Category: Film & Animation. Tags: Mekas Adolfas, film maker, video, independent, Anthology Film Archives NY, pornography.

Center Field
Ernie Gehr
Provided By: dalesophiea. O-Type at the Fines Arts in 2000. Category: Music Tags: otype, o-type, bruce anderson, dale sophiea marc weinstein jim hrabetin mx80 mx-80 avant music family vineyard.
First Base
UMASS Student
Found at

From: wespac. Provided By: wespac. Avant Garde film for Comp-Lit 381: Avant Garde Film with Don Levine. Category: Entertainment. Tags: umass amherst student film avant garde.

Right Field
Michael Snow
Found at

From: choigayeon. michael snow - wavelength(1967). Category: Film & Animation. Tags: michael snow wavelength.

Comments & Responses

dietzanator (8 months ago). Terrible quality but a worthy effort. Wavelength is a brilliant piece of film art. I wish it were more widely available.

JonnyVelveTV (7 months ago). This is only a portion of the 45 minute film. I won't rate it or criticize it, for it's easy to take a portion out of it's over all context. I've been waiting to see it for a long time and I still would like to, in it's entirety.

LobsterHarmonica (7 months ago). It's hard to judge such a low quality excerpt right enough, but honestly this sounded much more interesting than it looks.

godard7 (7 months ago). This is the end of the film, poor quality (the sound is less annoying when it's not garbled by bad VHS tape). Useless.

Rotanimret4ever (3 months ago). A "Thank you" from here. bad quality and only a part, so what? u can get some impressions of the film. Do you also have "la region central"?

lemmingsalad (3 months ago). Michael Snow on Wavelength - "I wanted to make a summation of my nervous system, religious inklings and aesthetic ideas. I was thinking of planning for a time monument in which beauty and sadness of equivalence would be celebrated, thinking of trying to make a definitive statement of pure Film space and time, a balance of 'Unison' and 'Fact', all about seeing. " - From 'Film Is: The International Free Cinema' by Stephen Dwoskin)

realistkarizma (2 months ago). Michael Snow is a great director. This film is a bit boring but very sensitive

Third Base
Maya Deren
Found at

From: absurdita. un corto dirigido por Maya Deren ¿Qui... un corto dirigido por Maya Deren ¿Quién es? --- short film by Maya Deren who is she? -- wikipedia: -- gracias (a ti) por haberla traído hasta mis ojos. Category: Film & Animation .Tags: maya deren experimental short film women filmmakers corto dream sueño surrealism surrealismo vanguardia avant


madsketcher (1 month ago). This is absolutely mesmerizing... The weaving scene in particular is hypnotic. I recommend finding different music to play while watching this. The first Deren work I saw was "Meshes of the Afternoon" but I like this better.

reptet (2 months ago). inspiration indeed for female film makers. i love youtube for making it possible for people to see work they wouldn't otherwise see. thanks for posting.

sorinonet (2 months ago). It's a very conservative way for that time. Sorry, there some other filmmakers that already make it in the 2o's or 30's. And also don't forget about the social and political context of Maya's films...second WW, a lot of people are dying meanwhile Deren is dancing and dreaming...very existential!!!

junkhop (6 months ago). I would almost like to hear audio with this, Maya Deren's films have this very post modern feel, decades later.

markbollyfan (7 months ago) . Fantastic!! Very vibrant filmmaking and well acted too. I might be alone here but i enjoyed this far more than the more famous 'Meshes'...

jackhillty (9 months ago). look for anais nin throughout the film. She wrote about the making of the film in Diary #4. There are also a few brief shots of a very young Gore Vidal

mahoney1967 (9 months ago). Great video!!!

matsunagahardcore (10 months ago). GENIUS! She was an absolute genius. Who cares whether she was male or female. 60 years later her work is just as surreal as it was then.
anoukaimee (11 months ago). I have knew Maya Daran [sic] this year and I have felt in love with her films. Dreams, surrealism, fears and desires. Perfect
verticalroll (1 year ago). Great film! Maya Deren, an inspiration to female film makers and an innovator in avant-garde and experimental film genres! Meshes... is a great one too! (Haven't seen this in a while, Thanks so much for posting!)
Left Field
Bruce Baillie
Found at

From: zohiloff. Category: Film & Animation. Tags: experimental


lild3v (2 months ago)- there's beauty in its simplicity
johno1989 (2 months ago)- I have to write 300 words on this movie how the fuk am i supposed to do that LS

spectaclemedia- Have you ever tried to pan a camera like that? Bruce was staying at a roadside motel and heard this song over and over again next door. The Pacific is just over the fence. He walked by it every time he left his room. What do you remember?


2007 Filthy Film Festival Entrants Go to the Found Roster


Director: Hilda Kwan. Color. Sound ("Canon in D", Pachebel). Examines a recent development in the sexual experimentation arena.


D. Williams: Kwan deals with a wild subject with quite a bit of composure. The aligning of the sodomy activities with Pachebel's Canon is extreme...
Third Base
Helman Twins

Director: Elementa Fonda. Color. Sound ("With a Little Help From My Friends", Joe Cocker). Also known on the internet as the Milton Twins, the Helman women have made a name for themselves in the online pornography community.


Anonymous: These twins are digitally ubiquitous.
First Base

Director: Amelia Jacobsen. Color. Sound ("Macarena"). A portrait of a young woman willing to stand naked while a photographer snaps photographs. Starring Macarena Goldberg from Newton, Massachusetts.

Left Field

Director: anonymous. Film produced by Deluxe Pass Movies, Top Notch Bitches Video Production and Autobiological Films. This won a "honorable mention" at last year's Dirty Film Festival.

Center Field

Director. Joanne Jacobs. Color. Sound ("You Can't Always Get What You Want", Rolling Stones). Another pornographic portrait of a young woman exposing herself for the camera.

Second Base

Director: Olivia Brill. Color. Sound ("Love Street, Doors). Yet another portrait of a naked young woman .


C. Watson: The subject is a beautiful woman, the bathing scenes are particularly beautiful. Also, the photographs of the subject on the rocks is exquisite. Enjoyed the Doors music.
Right Field
Anne and Eve

Director: Janet Durango Phillips. Color. Sound (Pink Floyd). A portrait of two lovers by last season's Filthy Film Festival winner of the "Direction Award."

Mrs. Robinson

Director: Olivia Watson. Color. Sound (Simon & Garfunkel). One of the few pornographic portraits featuring an "older" subject. "Mrs. Robinson" is a 44 year old divorced mother (of grown children) living somewhere in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.

Short Stop

Director: Anna McBride. Color. Sound ("Walk on the Wild Side", Lou Reed). 3rd Prize winner at the 2007 Filthy Film Festival. A sensitive treatment of a delicate (sexual) subject. (SPECIAL NOTICE: The subject-matter of this film may be objectionable, even to those who consider themselves sophisticated. The subject of this entry is "gang pissing": Several men urinate on one woman (Cecilia).


"For its sensitivity in dealing with a harsh, scatological, and perverse obsession, the committee awards this entry the Festival's Third Prize." (Source: 2007 Filthy Film Festival Statement)

Dianna Richards: As a woman I found this film very difficult to watch. Friends suggested I watch it multiple times in a row so that I would begin to concentrate on the formal aspects of the piece instead of the difficult content. Re-iterating the film a dozen times helped me to observe formal and theoretical aspects of the composition that initially were overwhelmed by content discovery.

Norma Rae Belinsky: It is a strange sensation to discover hat this film is about, that is, the actual event and then to try to understand why or how the artist tackles the problem of making art out of a woman being pissed on by a group of men.

Note: Several links will require credentials. To obtain credentials, please send an e-mail to



Game of 05-27-2007 13:15:44 Inn. 1: Found [Starter] Cecilia Brakhage 6-3 . . . Anger 5-3 . . . Frampton 8 . . . Inn. 1: Filthy [Starter] Baillie Altamira BB . . X Helman Twins BB . X X Macarena 7 . X X Tangerine 1B X . X 1 Maybelline 7 . X . X@4:Helman Twins 7-2 DP . X . Inn. 2: Found MekasA 7 . . . Gehr 7 . . . UMASS Student 5-3 . . . Inn. 2: Filthy Anna 5-3 . . . Anne and Eve 8 . . . Mrs Robinson 5-3 . . . Inn. 3: Found Snow 4-3 . . . Deren 5-3 . . . Baillie 6-3 . . . Inn. 3: Filthy Cecilia BB . . X Altamira 6-4-3 DP . . . Helman Twins 6-3 . . . Inn. 4: Found Brakhage K . . . Anger BB . . X Frampton K . . X MekasA 1B . X X Gehr 5 . X X Inn. 4: Filthy Macarena 4-3 . . . Tangerine 8 . . . Maybelline 5-3 . . . Inn. 5: Found UMASS Student 1B . . X Snow 2-3 . X . Deren 5-3 . X . Baillie 6 . X . Inn. 5: Filthy Anna 6-3 . . . Anne and Eve 6-3 . . . Mrs Robinson 1B . . X Cecilia 6-3 . X . Inn. 6: Found Brakhage 8 . . . Anger 1B . . X Frampton 5-4 F . . X MekasA 7 . . X Inn. 6: Filthy Altamira 1B . . X X@2:Altamira CS 2-4 . . . Helman Twins K . . . Macarena BB . . X *SB:Macarena SB . X . Tangerine 6-3 . X . Inn. 7: Found Gehr 5-3 . . . UMASS Student 8 . . . Snow 3-1 . . . Inn. 7: Filthy Maybelline 5-3 . . . Anna 1B . . X Anne and Eve 1B X X . Mrs Robinson 1B . . X 2 Cecilia 4-6-3 DP . . . Inn. 8: Found Deren 5-3 . . . Baillie 7 . . . Brakhage 3UN . . . Inn. 8: Filthy Altamira 1B . . X Helman Twins 5-4-3 DP . . . Macarena 6-3 . . . Inn. 9: Found Anger 5-3 . . . Frampton 5-3 . . . MekasA 8 . . .

Game Notes

Time 2 hours, 58 minutes
Weather Cloudy and Hot, 92o F
Attendance undisclosed
Umpires Jean-Luc Godard, Georges Melies, Francois Truffaut
Scorer Paul Arthur
MCP Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson

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Published: May 27, 2007