The Waves @ The Fog

A Personal Cosmic Game

The Fog Wins, 8-5


Jens Jorgensen
Most Cosmic Player

Scoresheet Abbreviations & Symbols
- single   = double   FO flyout   GO ground out   LO lineout   W walk   K strikeout   HR homerun   DP doubleplay   E error
1B Firstbase   2B Secondbase   3B Thirdbase   SS Shortstop   LF Leftfield   CF Centerfield   RF Rightfield   C Catcher   P Pitcher

Boxscore Abbreviations
AB At Bat    H Hit    HR Homerun    RBI Run Batted In    B AVE Batting Average

Pitching Abbreviations
IP Innings Pitched    H Hits    R Runs    ER Earned Runs    BB Walks    K Strikeouts;     W Won    L Lost

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Cosmic Game Simulation- The Waves @ The Fog
Copyright © 2000 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Published: November 12, 2000