Louis Farrakhan


1997 Paradise Pisces

Leader of the Nation of Islam ( A Black Muslim Organization)

Born 1931

Minister Farrakhan has led the Nation of Islam since 1975. The Nation supports the concepts of self-help and individual responsibility as the methods to be used to gain enlightenment and liberation from social injustices.

Stitched into this message of salvation are the ideas of Afrocentrism, racial separation, and anti-semitism. Minister Farrakhan believes that the white race was created by a black scientist called Yacub in 8400 b.c.; that the Jewish people were major leaders in the African slave trade, and that black people are the true leaders of the human race.

In a recent biography of Farrakhan, (Prophet of Rage, 1996) Arthur Magida, a Jewish journalist who was able to meet and interview his subject, analyzes the nature of Farrakhan's anti-semitism and finds it to be not only a religious conviction but a politically pragmatic approach to remaining in the public's eye. A reviewer of the book puts it clearly:

Jews, alert to any manifestation of anti-semitism are prone to immediately respond to bigots...thus the pragmatic nature of [Farrakhan's] anti-semitism rests on [his] belief that, by attacking Jews, their response will then call attention to him and his movement. (Jack Fischel reviewing Magida's book in Jewish Exponent, 08-01-1996.)

The sources of Farrakhan's politics can be traced to two significant influences beginning with his mother, Mae Clark, and continuing with Elijah Muhammad (the second leader of the Nation of Islam). His mother born on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts exposed her son, early on, to the teachings of Marcus Garvey who also preached self-sufficiency. A strong and strict woman, Mae Clark has been described by a friend as a

proud, arrogant, bodacious black woman. (Reverend Nathan Wright).

But Farrakhan remains a paradox. In October, 1995 he leads the "Million Man March" in Washington, D.C. widely viewed as a positive contribution to black empowerment. And then months later he associates and accepts money from a political leader such as Libya's Kaddafi, who is widely accused of supporting international terrorism.

The question arises: who is Minister Farrakhan serving? Himself, his people, his God? One commentator answers the question this way:

Farrakhan's strategically incompetent behavior is indicative of a man whose own self-importance has blinded his perception of reality. (Truth online magazine commentator)

It's safe to say that our culture will hear more from and about this former Calypso singer known as "The Charmer".

Louis Farrakhan
YEAR  TEAM      POS    BA    AB     H   HR  RBI
1991  Vanguards if    .240   337    81    6   39
1992  Vanguards if    .288   226    65    4   27
1993  Vanguards if    .272   375   102   23   54
1994  Pisces    if    .272   624   170   16   72
1995  Pisces    2b    .254   670   170   38  130
1996  Pisces    2b    .291   554   161   20   67
      6 Seasons       .269  2786   749  107  389

Farrakhan's uniform number is 19.

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