Emily Dickinson, Infield

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Emily Dickinson
Born December 10, 1830 - Died May 15, 1886

"The half cracked daughter of Squire Dickinson" published barely a dozen poems during her life but wrote over 2,000. Her father, Edward, was a lawyer and dominating figure. Emily lived her entire 56 years in his house in Amherst, Massachusetts. Except for a few brief trips to Philadelphia, Washington and Boston, Emily did not leave the area. She spent one yeat at the South Hadley Female Seminary (now Mount Holyoke College).Dressed in white, surrounded by flowers, she quickly earned a reputation for being unusual, hermetic, and eccentric.

For siblings, emily had an older brother Austin, and a younger sister Lavinia. Her mother has been described as a gentle but colorless woman who was in every way subordinate to her husband. While Emily did not marry or have children, she did have several relationships.

With regard to her poetry. one commentator has this to say:

Dickinson's poetry is challenging because it is radical and original in its rejection of most traditional nineteenth-century themes and techniques. Her poems require active engagement from the reader, because she seems to leave out so much with her elliptical style and remarkable contracting metaphors. But these apparent gaps are filled with meaning if we are sensitive to her use of devices such as personification, allusion, symbolism, and startling syntax and grammar. Since her use of dashes is sometimes puzzling, it helps to read her poems aloud to hear how carefully the words are arrange. What might seem intimidating on a silent page can surprise the reader with meaning when heard. It's also worth keeping in mind that Dickinson was not always consistent in her views and they can change from poems, to poem, depending upon how she felt at a given moment. Dickinson was less interested in absolute answers to questions than she was in examining and exploring their "circumference." (Michael Myers in Thinking and Writing About Literature, 138-42

Emily Dickinson

Batting Record

YEAR  TEAM             POS    B.AVG   At Bats  Hits     HR     RBI
----  ---------------  -----  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------
Dickinson, Emily
1992  Beats            2b      .281      278      78       8      26
1993  Beats            2b      .255      271      69       9      23
1994  Beats            2b      .223      278      62       0      22

*Cosmic Seasons: 3             .253      827     209      17      71

Pitching Record

YEAR  TEAM              ERA     IP  Won     Lost    Win Pct     SO
----  ---------------  ------  ---- ------  ------  --------- ------
Dickinson, Emily
1983  Virgins           3.91    223     10      14   .417        135
1984  Virgins           4.00    117      3       7   .300         50
1985  Virgins           3.87    279     19      12   .613        165
1986  Virgins           3.02    128     13       8   .619         65

           TOTALS       3.70    747     45      41   .487        415

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