Dharma Roses

Deactivated Team
The Dharma Roses were a team made up of women associated with the Beat Generation. Thematically and geographically the Roses are related to the Dharma Beats, a cosmic baseball team in the Overleague. Originally created on November 28, 1998 the Roses were deactivated on December 15, 2000.

Dharma Roses
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Dharma Roses Players (1999-2000)
Burroughs Joyce Vollmer
Carney Mary
Cassady Carolyn
Charters Ann
Cowen Elise
Fox Mardou
Frazer Brenda
Ginsberg Naomi
Hansen Diana
Haverty Joan
Henderson LuAnne
Jackson Natalie
Johnson Joyce
Jones Hettie Cohen
Kerouac Carolyn
Kerouac Jan
Kyger Joanne
Mencken Marie
Merrill Tanya
Parker Edie
Thompson Kim
Vega Janine Pommie
Waldman Anne

Dharma Roses
March 7, 2001