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First scouted in the Fall of 2001, Jennifer Dodato was drafted by the Vestal Virgins in the Spring, 2003 draft.

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Jennifer Dodato

b. August 19, 1969

Jennifer Dodato grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. She went to high school in Carmichaels, PA where she twirled batons and ran into mischief when given the opportunity. She completed her college degree in psychology in Northern Virginia in the early 1990s.

Along the way she married a musician, had two children and embarked on a career in the legal profession. First as a paralegal and then as a legal secretary, Jennifer worked for large Washington, D.C. law firms.

At some point, Jennifer decided to change careers. Recognizing that she had a deep interest in and great love and appreciation for children, she decided to open a center that emphasized the education of children in groups. Inspired by her college education and post-graduate childcare training she developed innovative ideas. She became anxious to put her ideas into practice. In June, 2004 she quit her job and career in the legal business.

In October, 2004, after many months of preparation, Jennifer opened the doors to KidsLand in Maryland's Calvert County. The KidsLand Learning Center opened in a brand new building which included state of the art learning facilities including an outside playground for exercise. Jennifer and a dedicated staff of childcare professionals are now steering KidsLand into the forefront of child-centered daycare centers in the Southern Maryland area.

Jennifer is also the author of The Surreality of Cosmic Baseball (COBRA Press: Washington, DC. 2003), an important reference book for those researching cosmic baseball and its history.

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Published: January 10, 2005