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Computer Scientist

Drew Major is the Chief Scientist at Novell, Inc. in Provo, Utah. Major was the chief developer of the NetWare software which is one of the leading local area network (LAN) operating systems. Currently in release 4.11, NetWare has been a dominant player in the networking field. Market sources estimate that at one time NetWare had more than 60% of the local area network market. Today, NetWare is fending off the growing intetest in Microsoft NT.

One of the reasons NetWare was so successful as a LAN operating system had to do with the way it utilized system resources such as random access memory (RAM). Using clever algorithms to reduce disk reading and writing gave NetWare a performance factor its competitors could not match.

In addition to its performance capabilities, NetWare evolved a strong security component that was unique on the PC platform. Network supervisors can use a variety of rights and attributes to protect the network file system, providing a scaleable and flexible access environment.

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