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   Game Played in Bhutan on April 10, 2000

Gordon Onslow Ford
Most Cosmic Player

Scoresheet Abbreviations & Symbols
- single   = double   FO flyout   GO ground out   LO lineout   W walk   K strikeout   HR homerun   DP doubleplay   E error
1B Firstbase   2B Secondbase   3B Thirdbase   SS Shortstop   LF Leftfield   CF Centerfield   RF Rightfield   C Catcher   P Pitcher

Boxscore Abbreviations
AB At Bat    H Hit    HR Homerun    RBI Run Batted In    B AVE Batting Average

Pitching Abbreviations
IP Innings Pitched    H Hits    R Runs    ER Earned Runs    BB Walks    K Strikeouts;     W Won    L Lost

Homeruns   Glass, Thomson, Ford, Modotti Triples   NoneDoubles   Van Vliet, Modotti, Mullican
Left-on-Base   Dragons-5; Vanguards-5 Sacrifice Hits   None
Stolen Bases   NoneCaught Stealing   NoneMental Errors   None
Errors   Dragons-1 (Van Vliet throwing error); Vanguards- 2 (Hopper dropped ball; Rothko throwing error) Doubleplays   Dragons- 0; Vanguards- 4
Other Data
Umpires   E. Kennedy, K. Starr, L. Tripp
Time   2 hours 55 min.Attendance   25,555Weather   81 F, Sunny

This is one of the oldest rivalries at the Cosmic Baseball Association: artists and musicians. Off the cosmic field of play there is plenty of intercourse and friendship but on the field these two teams are serious and competitive adversaries.

This was a quite good game with losts of excitement towards the end. Going into the ninth inning the Dragons (Musicians) held a 2-1 edge. American composer Virgil Thomson clocked a lead-off homerun giving the Dragons a 3-1 lead. But the Vanguards exploded in the bottom of the ninth and the affair was over when West Coast painter and shortstop Gordon Onslow Ford unloaded a three-run homer off the Dragons' fourth pitcher, composer Gustav Mahler.

Cosmic Season 2000 Gamr Report- Dragons @ Vanguards
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Published: April 10, 2000