Damicos at Eden Bohemians

March 9, 1997

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The Damicos came roaring into Eden and defeated CBA's team of prominent authors in a slugfest. A combined 18 runs on 30 hits made this one of the most offensively minded games of the new season.

The Damicos hail from Ohio and Illinois and include nine family members spanning three generations. Ralph and Dee, parents of Will and Jim, four grandchildren, and Will's fiance, Geneviève, proved to be a very competitve team.


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
Damicos 0 0 2 3 0 0 3 2 0 10 16 0
Bohemians 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 3 8 14 0


Damicos-10 at Bohemians-8

DP-Double Play; E-Error; FO-Fly Out; GO-Ground Out; HR-Homerun
K-Strikeout; LO-Lineout; T-Triple; W-Walk; - Single; = Double


Damicos-10 at Bohemians-8

AB-At Bats; H-Hits; HR-Homeruns
RBI-Runs Batted In; B AVE-Batting Average

Pitching Details

W-Won; L-Lost; IP-Innings Pitched; H-Hits
R-Runs ER-Earned Runs; W-Walks; K-Strikeouts

Game Notes

Homeruns Ralph Damico
Franz Kafka
Triples none
Doubles Brecht, Dee (2), Geneviève, Jim (2), Kafka, Malamud, Will
Errors none
Doubleplays Damicos-1
Left-on-Base Damicos-10

Stolen Bases none
Caught Stealing none
Umpires Caligula, Ovid, Shakespeare
Game Time 2 hours, 57 minutes
Attendance 15,005


Most Cosmic Player (MCP)
Dee Damico


Pitching usually dominates cosmic games but in this game the batters took control early on and never let go. Two very noteworthy perfomances were turned in by Dee Damico and Ray Bradbury. Dee, the game's Most Cosmic Player (MCP), went four-for six and had five RBIs and Ray went four-for-four with one RBI.

The Bohemians staged a ninth inning rally and almost caught the upstart Damicos but pitcher Dan Damico stood his ground, shaky as it was, and managed to put out the fire before it was too late. All in all you have to be impressed with the Damicos for showing some great baseball talent while standing at the plate.

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CBA Personal Game- Damicos at Bohemians
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Published: March 9, 1997

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