1996 Wonderland Warriors

George Custer, Pitcher

George Custer

American Army Officer

Born: December 5, 1839 in New Rumley, Ohio
Died: June 25, 1876 during the Battle of Little Bighorn

General George Armstrong Custer is remembered best for his "last stand" where he and 250 of his men were killed during an ambush by Sioux Indians during one of the last significant victories by American Indians.

After graduating from West Point in 1861, Custer had built a reputation as a daring cavalry officer during the American Civil War. He rost to the rank of major general.

When the Civil War ended, Custer was assigned to the Indian frontier. Following a court-martial for disobeying orders he was suspended from the U.S. Army for a year. Upon his return to active duty in 1868, Custer led the Seventh Cavalry in an attack on the Southern Cheyenne Indians in the western Indian territory. An attack on the peaceful Indian camp of Black Kettle resulted in the death of most of the Indians in the burning of the village.

The following year, Custer was assigned to the Sioux territory in the Black Hills. In the 1870s the U.S. government attempted to get the Sioux to retreat from the land because gold was rumored to be in the hills. The Sioux resisted removal from what considered sacred land and the U.S. Army was called in to force an Indian retreat. One of the Army contingents sent in to get the Indians off the land was ambushed by the Little Bighorn River on June 25, 1876. Since what goes around, comes around, General Custer commanded this star-crossed group of men.

Custer is a Season 1996 Rookie