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Gregory Corso


1997 Paradise Pisces

American Poet

Born March 26, 1930
Died January 17, 2001

Gregory Corso is one of the original Beat poets. He met Allen Ginsberg in 1950 just after his release from prison where he served a three-year sentence for committing a robbery when he was 16. In prison he had begun writing poetry, some of which he showed Ginsberg. Ginsberg liked the poetry and was also attracted to the dark, Italian Corso who, at 20 years of age, had already experienced the underworld of the underclass. Born in New York City, his mother had died and his father had abandoned him, Corso was a product of the very environment the more middle-class Kerouac and Ginsberg exalted.

Corso met Kerouac in 1951. They were friends despite the fact that Corso slept with Kerouac's girlfriend in 1953. The details are described in Kerouac's novel The Subterraneans. Years later the two friends went out drinking together. They ended up at a working-class bar called "The Kettle of Fish", and proceeded to antagonize the clientele. Kerouac got the shit kicked out of him and Corso "befuddled and appalled", according to Kerouac's girlfriend, Joyce Glassman Johnson, managed to get his bloodied friend over to her house.

With regard to Corso as a poet, his peers have commented:

"Corso is a poet's poet, his verse pure velvet, close to John Keats for our time, exquisitely delicate in manners of the Muse." (Allen Ginsberg)

"Gregory is a gambler. He suffers reverses, like every man who takes chances. But his vitality and resilience always will shine through with a light that is more than human. The immortal light of his muse. Gregory is indeed one of the Daddies." (William Burroughs)

YEAR  TEAM      POS    BA    AB     H   HR  RBI
1983  Beats     ss    .208   592   123   14   65
1995  Beats     ss    .347   346   120   11   55
1996  Pisces    ss    .243   152    37    2   13
      3 Seasons       .257  1090   280   27  133

Corso was an original Dharma Beat. Although Kerouac compares him to the incomparable Joe DiMaggio, "who can play faultless ball without appearing to try or strain", Corso is an infielder.

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