Cleopatra, Pitcher

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Archetype of the romantic, ambitious, and political femme fatale. She is the famous Queen ofEgypt, lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes herphysical characteristics as more alive, than beautiful with "a sensitive mouth, firm chin, liquideyes, broad forehead, and prominent nose." Cleopatra was Macedonian, not Egyptian. She wasthe second daughter of Ptolemy XII and the last Macedonian sovereign to rule Egypt. Apparentlyshe had a great voice, the Greek biographer Plutarch called it an "instrument of many strings".

Her affair with Julius Caesar began in 48 B.C. as she attempted to advance the interests of thePtolemies by courting the leader of Rome. She succeeded and returned to Rome with Caesarwhen he celebrated his triumphs over the Pompeians. She was in Rome when Caesar wasassassinated, March 15, 44 B.C. and with his death, her political ambitions stalled.

It is her affair and subsequent marriage to Mark Antony, a contender to succeed Caesar, that theEnglish dramatist Shakespeare immortalized in his Antony and Cleopatra. Cleopatra hadactually met Marc Antony years earlier in Egypt. She was a young teenager, he was young staffofficer on duty. Fifteen years later Cleopatra sailed up the Cydnus River to Tarsus in Asia Minorin a barge loaded with gifts with her political ambitions still in tact. Marc Antony was completelyseduced by Cleopatra. However, in light of subsequent events it might also be said that Cleopatrawas also seduced for her romantic and erotic escapades can be seen to have contributed to herultimate political failure to secure a future for the Ptolemies.

Events conspired against her and Marc Antony, and her political ambitions failed a second time.Despite her attempt to seduce Octavian (later Augustus) Egypt was annexed by Rome in 31 B.C. The next year Cleopatra, like Marc Antony committed suicide. She was laid to rest next to theman she had been with for 11 of her 39 years.


Batting Record

YEAR  TEAM             POS    B.AVG   At Bats  Hits     HR     RBI
----  ---------------  -----  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------
1983  Virgins          if      .274      124      34       2      13
1984  Virgins          if      .288      118      34       2      13
1985  Virgins          ss      .275      566     156      13      62
1986  Virgins          if      .247      279      69       6      30

*Cosmic Seasons: 4             .271     1087     293      23     118

Pitching Record

YEAR  TEAM              ERA     IP  Won     Lost    Win Pct     SO
----  ---------------  ------  ---- ------  ------  --------- ------
1995  Virgins           3.54    216     11      13   .458        131

           TOTALS       3.54    216     11      13   .458        131

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Cleopatra- 1996 Vestal Virgins
Published: January 25, 1996
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