Chelsea Clinton


1997 Paradise Pisces

American Teenager

Born February 27, 1980

The Clinton's have done their best to keep their only daughter protected from the glare of the media. Few, if any, substantive stories appear about the First Daughter. We know that in October, 1996 she was one of 18 National Merit Scholar semifinalists from her private high school Sidwell Friends.We also know that on January 21, 1996 she attended the Vermeer exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. She has been a student at the Washington School of Ballet and has appeared in the school's annual performance of the Nutcracker Suite.

On her 15th birthday, in 1995, she was too busy with school work to have a party. Instead she went to school, did homework and had dinner alone with her parents.

About the only controversy with regard to Chelsea occurred when a small alternative weekly newspaper The New York Press published a satirical article about Chelsea releasing a rap album called "Are You There God? It's Me, Chelsea, ". Some of the song titles included "Let's Inhale", "Lousy Birthday" and "Tip Tipper Over."

The article, by satirist Tom Gogola was later republished in the magazine Utne. Apparently, the White House press relations office got involved. They wanted to make sure everyone knew that the article was a joke, that Chelsea really hadn't made an album.

It's difficult to assess Chelsea Clinton since so little is known about her. However, from appearances she appears to be a normal, healthy adolescent who approaches her 17th birthday with the necessary smarts to withstand the pressures of being a First Daughter.

As a potential role model for the nation's teenagers, she might now be old enough to speak out about issues that concern her and her generation.

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