Cisco Giants

Deactivated Team
The Cisco Giants were a team made up of writers. Originally created by Gary Hodges on February 18, 1998 the team was deactivated on October 15, 1999.

Cisco Giants
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Cisco Giants Players (1998-1999)
Adams Douglas
Breathed Berkely
Café au Lait  
Card OrsonS.
Cat Billthe
Chekov Anton
Conrad Joseph
Davison Peter
Doyle Arthur Conan
Haggard H. Rider
Hardy Thomas
Hoff Benjamin
Hunter Robert
Johnson Ben
Leguin Ursula
Levin Ira
Lovelace Richard
Mather Cotton
Maugham W.Somerset
Melville Herman
Milne A.A.
Moche Latte  
Pentameter Iambic
Pratchett Terry
Sidney Philip
Spencer Edmund
Vaughn Henry
Waterson Bill
Wevill Assia

Cisco Giants
March 7, 2001