The Team

The Mudville Nine

This roster is based on the information given by the authors of the opera The Mighty Casey.

The Mudville Nine are not a cosmic baseball team. However, CBA has obtained some of the team's statistical records and these will be published online after scholars at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) make them available.

The Mudville Nine did play an exhibition game against CBA's Paradise Pisces. A Game Report has been published online.

Andy Jones- Pitcher

Red O'Toole- Catcher

Otis Barrows- Firstbase

Tony Perone- Secondbase

Jimmy Blake- Thirdbase

Scooter Cooney- Shortstop

Roughhouse Flynn- Leftfield

Benny Rabensky- Centerfield

Casey- Rightfield


Scooter Cooney

Cooney works as a farmhand for Mr. Tuthill. His daughter, Brenda, known as "lefty" because of her politics (she campaigned for William J. Bryan in 1896 and again in 1900) also plays baseball.

Otis Barrows

Barrows is the volunteer Fire Chief in Mudville; his dad owns the town's barbershop. Barrows, whose name is often incorrectly written as "Burrows" has a daughter, Barbara, who plays baseball on the same team as Cooney's daughter.

Roughhouse Flynn

Strong hitting but tempermental player who during the 1887 season has been fined seven times for insulting umpires. His daughter, Myrna, also plays baseball.

Jimmy "Bobo" Blake

In the evenings, after baseball, Blake is the leader of the "Mudville Melodians" a popular local dance band. His daughter, Hedy, sings with the band and will go on to marry James Riley Snedeker, the pitcher who struck out Casey.


Born August 4, 1859 in Mudville, Brian Kavanagh Casey was the son of John Casey, a plumber and Mary O'Toole Casey (Mudville's catcher Red O'Toole is her nephew). Casey was 28 on the day of the poem's game and he was batting .504 with 99 homeruns hit. In October 1887 Casey married Nellie "Merry" O'Shaughnessy and together they had eight children. Casey died in Topeka, Kansas on November 8, 1946 while visiting his son Angus.

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