The Story

It is Saturday September 3, 1887. The Mudville Nine are playing a baseball game. It is the bottom of the ninth inning and the home team is losing 4 runs to 2 runs. The Mudville Nine need the power of their rightfielder's bat to win the game.

Brian Kavanagh Casey, age 28 is a Mudville native. At the time of the game, Mudville's star rightfielder has a batting average of .504 with 200 runs scored and 99 homeruns hit. But Casey is the fifth batter due up in the inning so it isn't even certain that he'll get to the plate. Especially after the shortstop Scooter Cooney, and firstbaseman Otis Barrows, make two quick outs. Casey's chances to perform heroics are fading dramatically.

But the third batter up is leftfielder Peter "Roughouse" Flynn and he hits a single. The next batter, thirdbaseman and dance band leader James Elmer "Bobo" Blake, blasts a double. So, yes, mighty Casey will be coming to the plate.

Centerville's pitcher, James Riley "Fireball" Snedeker, throws two pitches. Casey just looks at the them, never moving his bat. Buttenheiser, the umpire, calls both pitches strikes. The count is nothing and two.

Snedeker throws a third pitch and mighty Casey swings as the small hurling round orb crosses the plate. Casey takes his round bat and tries to hit the ball squarely. But he can't. Casey misses the ball and strikes out.

The game is over, Mudville loses. The poem ends.

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