The Annotated Casey at the Bat

Martin Gardner, Editor

In 1967 Martin Gardner published the first edition of The Annotated Casey at the Bat collecting numerous versions, parodies and sequels to the poem. In the Annotated Casey, Mr. Gardner provides a most useful review and chronology of the poem's history. A second edition appeared in 1984.

In addition to the historical information, the Annotated Casey includes 29 different poems relating to Thayer's original ballad. A list of these works, including authors and dates of publication is included here:

  1. Casey at the Bat. Ernest Thayer. 1st Printing. 1888.

  2. Casey at the Bat. Ernest Thayer. 1902. [corrupted version].

  3. Casey at the Bat. Ernest Thayer. 1909. [revised, final authorized version].

  4. Casey's Revenge. Grantland Rice. 1906.

  5. Casey's Revenge. Grantland Rice. 1941. [revised version].

  6. Mudville's Fate. Grantland Rice. 1906.

  7. The Man Who Played With Anson on the Old Chicago Team. Grantland Rice. 1906.

  8. He Never Heard of Casey. Grantland Rice. 1926.

  9. Casey the Comeback Kid. Herman J. Schiek. 1914.

  10. Why Casey Whiffed. Don Fairburn. 1937.

  11. Casey at the Plate. Unknown author. Date unknown.

  12. The Coming Back of Casey. Charles E. Jestings. 1937.

  13. The Man Who Fanned Casey. "Sparkus". 1913.

  14. Casey on a Bat. William Kirk. 1911.

  15. Mrs. Casey at the Bat. Unknown author. Date unknown.

  16. Casey's Son. Nitram Rendrag. 1967.

  17. Casey's Sister at the Bat. James O'Dea. 1911.

  18. Casey's Daughter at the Bat. Al Graham. 1939.

  19. Casey's Dream. William F. Robertson. 1936.

  20. Riley in the Box. Unknown author. Date unknown.

  21. Casey on the Mound. Harry E. Jones. 1954.

  22. Casey- Twenty Years Later. Clarence P. McDonald. Date unknown.

  23. Like Kelly Did. Clarence P. McDonald. 1910?

  24. Casey- Forty Years Later. Neil McConlogue. 1922

  25. "Cool" Casey at the Bat. Mad Magazine editors. 1960.

  26. Casey in the Cap. J.A. Lindon. 1967.

  27. A Village Cricket Casey. J.A. Lindon. 1967.

  28. O'Toole's Touchdown. Les Desmond. 1926.

  29. Ahab at the Helm. Ray Bradbury. 1969.

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