Why Casey Whiffed


by Don Fairburn

The ball fans always wondered, and in Mudville most of all
Why the Mighty Mr. Casey did not clout that final ball,
Did not poke the old potato into stratospheric space,
When the winning runs were rotting on third and second base.

Now a cousin of a neighbor of great Casey's furnace man,
Who was there that eve' when he came home to meet the sneering pan
Of his wife, and her six brothers, and a dozen other guys,
Blames the whole thing on a batboy who had bandy-legged eyes.

He was never seen before then, and he vanished with the game,
Like those runts in fairy stories which they tell me did the same.
He had red hair and was toothless, and he said his name was "Buck,"
And his every move and action was a-dripping with bad luck.

Casey took the bat he handed, then he felt "all odd" he said,
At the plate the awful vision of those optics filled his head.
Sure, they whiffed him, but he realized as the fans groaned to the skies,
He was hoo-dooed by the urchin with the double-crossing eyes.

First published in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. Also published in The Sporting News, January 10, 1937.

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