The Day Shay Got to Play


by EJ Nolan

Two teams had gathered for a game
At the Playground field that day
The sun was low when I drove up, with my son whose name is Shay
Now, Shay's a lot like other kids, and a lot like you and me
But his playing had been limited, by his disability

I thought how much I loved the game as we saw the field that day
Then Shay looked up and asked me: "Dad, Do you think they'll let me play?

I didn't hold out too much hope. Thought they'd put up a fight
But one shortstop said, We're down by six, I guess It'd be all right

The bottom of the eighth began as evening turned to night
His team got three more runs and then they sent Shay out to right
He stood there proudly, with his daddy's glove. A twinkle in his eye,
And a smile that spread from ear to ear, more brilliant than the sky.

"Three up three down!" the umpire called,
And Shay hadn't made a catch
Three runs behind. Just three more outs,
As Shay's team came to bat.

They loaded up the bases, And Shay stood there on deck.
My heart was in my throat, I thought "They won't let Shay bat next."
A cold wind blew across that field, and I began to pray.
I looked up and gave a yell, as they tossed the bat to Shay.

Shay's team, in one bold gesture, had given up the win
But then to my surprise, The pitcher
moved a few steps in
He tossed it over under hand, but poor Shay swung too late
And then the pitcher moved a few steps closer to the plate.
This time he lobbed it really slow
Shay swung and tapped the ball
The pitcher picked it up and heaved it, Toward the left field wall!

Then from the stands there came a roar
Like fireworks had burst, and all the players on the field
Yelled "Shay, go run to first!

Well Shay had never made it onto first base in his life
The fielder out in left wound up and threw the ball to right
They knew what his intention was without uttering a word
The shortstop ran to second, and pointed Shay toward third

When Shay's foot landed on third base, His smiling face just shone
And all the players on both teams, were shouting "Shay run home!"
I knew that no one there that day would ever be the same
When Shay set both feet on home plate - "The Hero of the Game"

Somewhere angels are laughing
But one dad shed tears that day
For that one Grand Slam - meant Both Teams Won…
The Day Shay Got To Play.

The Day Shay Got to Play
© 2001 EJ Nolan (All rights reserved)
Line and Sinker Music - ASCAP

EJ Nolan is a Writer - Actor - Producer - Director - Singer - Songwriter. He was a charter member of Houston Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA and has appeared in hundreds of commercials, industrials and educational films. He recently appeared in the CBS Movie of the Week remake of "Picnic," in MK-Ultra on UPN and as the Houston Medical Examiner on "Arrest and Trial" hosted by Brian Dennehey. He is the former PA Voice of the Houston Rockets, and the creator of the new theme song for the Houston Astros' Mascot "Junction Jack. He dedicates "The Day Shay Got To Play" to his son Dusty, who died of bone cancer at 15. EJ plans to include this poem/song on a CD of Baseball Songs for Kids he is currently creating. (Custom recorded for each of the MLB Mascots.)

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