Casey at the Plate

(author and date unknown)

The Mudville hopes for victory were fading mighty fast;
The team was trailing nine to eight, the inning was the last.
And from the friendly bleacher bunch, there rose a vocal din;
"Don't worry Boys! The game's the thing, and may the best team win!"

The Mudville catcher came to bat, they fanned him, one,two, three.
The second baseman popped a fly, the second out was he.
And then the crowd began to cheer-- stupendous, hopeful, great.
For Casey, Honest Casey, was advancing to the plate!

The pitcher threw, and Casey swung; he hit the empty air.
Another pitch and Casey made his strikes an even pair.
And then a lusty bleacher voice, a helpful thought advanced:
"Go get the guy a snowshoe! Let him have a sportin'chance."

The managers conferred and soon the fact was brought to light
That each believed, "The customer is always in the right."
So Casey got a snowshoe, and he slammed a hefty swat
That sent the ball a sailin' to the corner of the lot!

The fielder ran to get the ball as Casey rounded first;
He picked it up as Casey got to second with a burst
Of speed that took him on to third before the ball was tossed,
So Casey speeded down to home without a second lost.

Casey, ball and catcher came together at the plate,
And hope for Mudville dangled in the fickle hands of fate.
A hush descended on the fans who waited for the ump
To let them know if Casey was a hero or a chump.

All eyes were turned on Casey as the umpire scratched his head.
"I do believe in being frank and truthful, boys," he said.
The play was close, I couldn't get a clear and ample view,
So to back a fair decision, I'll leave it up to you."

Oh somewhere people brood about decadence of mankind,
They moan that truth and probity are might hard to find;
But Mudville hails an honest man whose heart is true and stout,
For Casey said, "I cannot lie. He tug me, boys, I'm out."

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