Information Cards @ Road Rays

A Personal Cosmic Game Report

April 16, 2001

The so-called "information superhighway" conflates the science of information with the practice of transportation. The Interstate Highway System predates the Internet by several years but the urge for connectivity is expressed in both systems. The conjested beltways and spurs typical of many modern cities has its analog in the digital sphere where too much information is confounding the curious. Too much information isn't really information at all.

The Information Cards are managed by a Network Interface Card (NIC) and the Road Rays are managed by a Toll Booth.


Info Cards Win, 10-8





Game Data

Homeruns   Credit Card, Library Card, Business Card; Lane (2), Freeway (2)
Triples   None
Doubles   Tarot Card, McBee Card
Stolen Bases   None
Caught Stealing   None
Double Plays   The Info Cards-1; The Road Rays-1
Errors   The Info Cards-1 (3x5 Card- throwing error); The Road Rays-1 (Lane- dropped ball)
Left-on-Base   The Info Cards-6; The Road Rays-3

Game Most Cosmic Player

Library Card

Umpires    James Macpherson, George Psalmanazar, Thomas Wise
Time   2 hours 52 minutes
Attendance   1,002
Weather   Sunny, Warm, Humid, 82o F.
Official Scorer   Vannevar Bush


Both teams had a lot of fun at the plate during this cosmic game. A combined 18 runs, 22 hits and seven homeruns (including Business Card's 7th inning Grand Slam) kept the pitchers busy and frustrated as both field managers let their starters go the distance.

Library Card with with five runs batted in on three hits including a round-tripper got the nod as this game's Most Cosmic Player (MCP). Road Ray rightfielder Freeway had an admirable day at the plate: a total of four runs batted on two consecutive home runs.

All in all it was a pleasant three hour rest stop located on the information superhighway.

Simulation   115

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Personal Cosmic Game Report- Information Cards @ road Rays
Published: April 16, 2001
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