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Al Capone, Leftfield

American Criminal (1899-1947)

Known as "Scarface Al" because of a razor slash across his face, Al Capone became the stereotypical American mobster in the early 20th century. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Capone went on to dominate the Chicago crime scene by setting up organized crime syndicates that took advantage of Prohibition to make money in the bootleg liquor field. His syndicates earned an estimated $20 million a year by the end of the 1920s. Capone was also responsible for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929. His gunmen, disguised as Chicago police officers used machine guns to execute seven members of the rival Bugs Moran gang. In October, 1931 Capone was convicted for income-tax evasion and he received an 11 year prison sentence. Eight years later he was released and he retired to his Florida estate where he died of syphillis eight years after his prison release. Capone is a rookie cosmic player who was drafted by the Pisces after he displayed awesome fielding skills including an extraordinary throwing arm in cosmic tryouts last Fall.

Al Capone
Cosmic Playing Record

Capone is a rookie

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Capone, 1995 Pisces
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