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Note: William Burroughs passed away on Saturday August 2, 1997 at 6:50 pm in Lawrence, Kansas. The apparent cause of his mortal death was a heart attack suffered on Friday August 1. Burroughs was 83.

In addition to Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs is credited with defining the Beat Generation. He also is the most elusive of the three fathers.

Eight years older than Kerouac and 12 years older than Ginsberg, Burroughs exercised great influence over his younger friends by exposing them to his library which consisted of authors outside the mainstream literature the students would have found on the reading lists for the courses at Columbia. Burrough's list included Kafka, Celine, Spengler, Cocteau, Rimbaud and Wilhelm Reich.

Burroughs identified less with the world of the artist than with the world of the criminal. By the time Lucien Carr introduced Burroughs to Ginsberg and Kerouac in the early 1940s, Burroughs had already penetrated the marginal world of the criminal. Exploring the terrain of Times Square in New York, Burroughs had already begun associating with the denizens of this marginal realm. He was also already experimenting with heroin and drug addiction.

Burroughs' introduction to this world occurred when he met a street-wise criminal who exerted an important influence on the Beat Generation vortex, Herbert Huncke. Huncke was a street-wise hustler. A good example of the fellaheen that Burroughs extolled. Oswald Spengler had written about the fellaheen in his book,Decline of the West, a book Burroughs would lend to Kerouac. The fellaheen represent the society's marginal people, at the edge of a culture in spiritual decline. Burroughs lent his copy of Spengler's book to Kerouac who also became intrigued by the concept.

Born in St. Louis, Burroughs was the grandson of the inventor of the adding machine. After attending Harvard University he lived in Chicago and then moved to New York in 1943 where he met Lucien Carr, another St. Louis native.

Through Carr, Burroughs met Ginsberg and Kerouac and the pollination of the Beat Generation, the "New Vision", the vortex, began. Burroughs would soon move into Joan Vollmer Adams' communal apartment on the upper West Side of New York City. Despite Burroughs' homosexuality, Joan would be with him until the end of her life. In Mexico, in September 1951, Burroughs would accidentally kill Joan while attempting to shoot a glass off her head as a prank. The child he had fathered with Joan would be sent to live with Burroughs' parents and Burroughs found himself at the very margins of the culture he was so determined to examine. He has remained right there for many years.

As a result of the accidental ki.lling of Joan Vollmer, Burroughs felt compelled to write his way out of the hell he had created for himself. He left Mexico, went to South America to search for the mystical drug Yage and finally settled in Tangier. Junky, his documentary novel about drug addiction was published as a pulp paperback in 1953 and in 1959 Naked Lunch was published. Naked Lunch (the title was provided by Kerouac) has been described as a "book written with the possessed savagery of a man scarred by a trip through hell." (John Tytell, Naked Angels).

Burroughs' literary style is experimental and his stories and characters represent one vision of what post-psychedelic humanity will be like. Since 1981 he has lived in Kansas and in 1983 he was inducted into the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

William Burroughs

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--from Junky by William Burroughs

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