Beloved Love Story

I believe the beloved believes being the beloved
betrays a body in motion that can't go anywhere
I like to be loved
like the rest of you
but I'm more a lover
so be loved by me
some one says, "love me tender and tenderly"
and it makes me a lovesick lover of the beloved
Can I just be a beloved lover?

At first blush
the lover makes the beloved-to-be beloved
the lover squirts lover's ink deep inside the beloved-to-be
it's pure poison
the beloved-to-be's tongue goes numb
the lips twitch
the beloved-to-be barely speaks
the beloved-to-be has now become the beloved one
unitary solitary high atop the mountain
a flag blows

the lover climbs impossible heights
and plays capture the beloved's flag
because whoever has the flag
is beloved
without the flag
the beloved is invisible
the beloved dislikes the game
of course
but the lover plays it anyway

love me love me
just like the rest of you
I like to be loved
but I think I think like the lover

[July, 1998]

Piet Cross was born in the United States in 1952. He is a former Executive Director of the Cosmic Baseball Association and currently a Senior Fellow at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Click Here to view the Piet Cross Poetry Index.

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Piet Cross Poetry-Bodies of Knowledge, "Beloved Love Story"
Published: August 1, 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Copyright © 1998 by Piet Cross